Gems of war :Ghost Warrior ;)

Most my epic fail \ lose ever :musical_keyboard: :camel:


Yeah… You should have waited on using Sheggra there. You had enough of a lead you could afford to wait until you were desperate, and by waiting you might have guaranteed yourself an extra turn, or at least one skull match.

yes, but after start recording i just view bug cart, didn`t think about unluck sheggra move :stew:

this again on next game )

It’s the same Agile bug they are aware of and will be fixed in 1.0.9.

It is caused by killing the troop with multiple simultaneous skull matches.

i see, thx !

Interesting fact that I have used " Ghost" Centaur Scout to attack (not skull but skill attack) opponents which he is already dead as opponents used Agile. Before he was killed by opponents Centaur’s mana were charged full and be able to attack. Is this bug?

I’ve seen it too, and believe it to be part of the same bug.

There was a report of someone clicking on the space of a dead troop that had been charged before death, and having it’s ability available. I haven’t been able to recreate that one, but it could be part of how that troop died.

It’s sort of like the Princess Bride, He’s been mostly dead all day. :wink:

i thought its install problem, now i know its game bug, like Esoxnepa said - it will be fixed near future