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Gems of War Designers and Support Staff Profile Pictures

The Designers…



And last but not least… The support staff in charge of gathering feedback for all of the Designers decisions.



If you aren’t old enough to know that is “Baghdad Bob” former Iraqi Propaganda Minister. He invented “everything is awesome.”

How to tell a mechanic was broken and needed adjustment:

Every. Single. Player. Was using it. And all the people who scream and shout that “people want the game to be too easy” wail and gnash their teeth when it changes because now the game is more challenging.

Was everyone using Sunspear, though?

I didn’t see it nearly as much as I see Titan, Frostmage, Orbweaver, Thief — in fact, it was used to counter some of those over-used set-ups :man_shrugging:

And NO, I am NOT advocating for further nerfs. I want weak classes to be made stronger, not the other way around.

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I am a very effective meat shield. And this meat shield is here to say that being cheeky to the designers is a… choice.

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Keep the thread civil or I will close it.

Given their recent decisions. I feel it’s safe to say they made the choice to antagonize players well before this thread ever existed.

If they can’t laugh about being compared to fictional super villains then that’s on them.


I swear sometimes it’s like a kindergarten class in these forums


Um, I can’t help but say how accurate Handsome Jack would be, given the dev guild is called Sparkle Ponies.



They should all really change their profile pictures to this.


This would make them more in line with the corsair class.


I shudder at the idea that corsair is the epitome of class design.

It’s pretty clear the forums wants to communicate the only thing anyone was doing was apparently running a team that can only win with the old Sunspear setup. Even really smart people like AWR who build the best teams are now lamenting it’s impossible to win a game of GoW because there’s no other reliable strategy. This is clearly the worst patch to the game that’s ever happened, worse than that time a glitch with new features enabled infinite gems and got people banned.

Someone’s really going to have to ELI5 the rage over Sunspear. It feels overblown.

It’s less about that, more about “of all the things, this is the one?”

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What really bothers me about the Sunspear change is the way it was communicated in the patch notes. They explicitly state that the 3rd trait is the same as the Firestorm talent, which it most definitely is not. When you read the patch notes, it sounds as though they took away nothing, and added something of value in it’s place. It really feels disingenuous. If they felt that the change was needed, they should have simply explained that. Instead, the communication feels like it is designed to intentionally mislead players.


2nd trait is literally a duplicate of a talent but remains …


Had to google ELI5, but here’s my go at it :rofl:

I think people get bent out of shape faster and with less proportion when the perception of repeated slights exists.

Fool me once, shame on you, twice…me…50th time = RAGE

I don’t think this is the worst thing that’s ever happened in the game, but it did bother me, and still does. And it probably bothers me more because the feelings from last time hadn’t had enough time to fade away yet :man_shrugging:

And also Sunspear was really cool. It was gimmicky in a way that I thought was fun. And so I ground out the levels all month after losing my tuchus to a team that used it in a way that surprised me, only to have it changed before I got to play with the toy I spent so much time earning.

And also-also the explanation that “you asked for this and it’s better anyway because it gets rid of redundancy so why are you even complaining” just REEKS of gaslighting, which—again—seems to me to be a frequent problem when the devs communicate with the playerbase.

Refusing to call it a nerf either means they

  1. don’t realize it is one and have fallen out of touch with their own game, much to their chagrin [they take this charge really personally if one dares to levy it against them, though, and I’m not on this side of the possibility spectrum, personally] or
  2. do realize it’s a nerf but don’t want to be honest with the playerbase regarding why they felt it was necessary to implement

I dunno, man; it’s just another “we gave you things you didn’t ask for, and took some things some of you liked too much” I guess :man_shrugging:


Fair enough, I guess I’m looking at it through a different lens.

The “medal groups” is OK, and the scoring system in the next events sounds interesting. Comparatively speaking, this is the first patch I can remember in a while that didn’t launch with breaking issues or a huge resource nerf. This is a big nerf in the eyes of people, but compared to what happened to gold and other resources over the past few updates? Kid stuff.

+1 for that.

+1 for that

I haven’t used the class enough…I’m still working on leveling Orbweaver, Plaguelord and Sentinel to 100. But from what I’ve read, Sunspear does sound cool, so +1 for that.

+1 for that.

+1 for that. Hi 5 brother.

And now I’m off to google “ELI5”. Edit: And I thought “Poof” had to be an acronym I was unaware off, @Slypenslyde, but according to Urbandictionary, it was used by Monty Python back in the day. The more I know, doesn’t make me feel any smarter.

Does anybody have links to these “other social media sources” cited by @Saltypatra? I don’t have a twitter account, but can view those at least. Facebook and Instagram get all huffy and tell me I have to be a member to view content. No thanks. I ain’t got time for all that.

Use any of these and then you will get in trouble for being too offensive…