Gems of War Competition (Win a Custom PS4!)

My idea is quite simple actually. Make a GoW casino. We all would love it, and the house always wins. Therefore everyone wins. It’d be simple to program. Casino could have tokens to play as currency thus making more ways to earn revenue as well as gamers other ways to increase vip level etc. Games could include monster arena, where players bet on a dual ai match. A roulette or poker, or hi/low game, and add a slot machine if possible later on. Players could use tokens to buy legendary or epic troops maybe. Charge a high amount for runic traitstones or what ever feels right. The game ould become irresistibley more addicting. Keep it simple or safe to prevent bugs etc.
My 2nd idea just popped up in my mind to add a new hero race avatar or troop type… What? How about merfolk? Sharky looks lonely and angry. :slight_smile: Thank you.

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‘could’ become more irresistible and addictive.

My entry is far above, but I felt it would be important to address something for the community.

In case you have concerns about my parody of The Beatles “Yesterday” being unusable due to copyright, I wanted to let you know that parody is protected by copyright and is considered an original new work. So no legal issues.

Just FYI… :wink:

And Good Luck Everybody!!!


I was quite impressed with that!

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Thanks @Mouseykins!! :wink:

Tyri taking Gorgatha for all he’s worth on a PlayStation game night!
Bumping these over from the Facebook! Gems!


I finally finished my thing! :slight_smile: I hope you like~


Is it the deadline yet? I can stop editing pictures now?

And all done~! Thank you so much for all the amazing entries. Everyone at the office has been blown away by all the awesome stuff you’ve made.


How long will the voting period go for?

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I’d buy that cap! :smiley:

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I’d be happy to sell you one! I have plenty of yarn left! :blush:

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So many great contenders! If I could attend I do probably would do my best to create a Sheggra look alike chocolate cake or get help from my coffe art maker friend to create a Shadow Dragon.


Good luck to everyone!!!


so if i had to vote for my top ten, it would be

1- @joeadonis wood art
2- @beanie42 RNGesus
3- @Sidousai story
4- @saski daughter drawing
5- @efh313 parody
6- @Jesus_3k Slasher King mythic card
7- @Zelfore GOW card game
8- @mcpuppydawg123 mask
9- @Winter_Market art
10- @Mouseykins cap

again so many good entries it’s war hard to pick only 10


Where do we actually vote anyway?

Gizmo wonders if Gizmo gets a free GumDrop for Gizmo’s entry

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My top 10:

  1. @efh313
  2. @Zelfore
  3. @Vangor
  4. @joeadonis
  5. @beanie42
  6. @Jesus_3k
  7. @saski
  8. @Sidousai
  9. @DrPhoenixJ
  10. @Versheenah (kikimora troop)

That’s great! I was equally wondering and worried about it. WOOT!

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@Saltypatra you going to post all entries together in a thread?

Cause i realise i might missed some entries cause i don’t use twitter or facebook.