Gems of War club (Line)

Hi everyone, i recently started a club on the app Line, and it’s open to everyone who is interested to join. This is a nice and easy to use application. This is a place where we can relax and discuss about anything but more about GOW :slight_smile:

So if anyone is interested, it’s very simple, you only need to download the app Line then search by id: psyconaz and send me a little msg “hey im here for the GOW club” then i will add you to the club and we can start to have great conversation :slight_smile:

*Everyone is welcome(console,pc,mobile)
*This app work on phones and tablet
*This is also free and lot of funny stuffs
*You can use stickers, post screenshots or videos
*No troll please we got enough in the forum

Just give it a try and if you don’t like it, you still can delete the app.
Join us im waiting for you


Still got plenty places, don’t be shy and join us :slight_smile: