Gems of War and kids

I use a timer on my phone to let me know it’s time to collect tribute. My daughter gets excited for me every time it goes off and asks me how many gems I got. Now that she’s 5, she knows how to collect tribute and reset the timer for me. She likes to feel involved in dad’s game and sometimes I let her push the buttons.

One of my favorite past times is letting her sit on my lap while she plays explore or “treasure game”.

I’m taking my family on a three day trip to San Diego to see Sea World and Legoland. Normally on trips, I get tribute at 80 mph even though that puts me and my family in danger. I need those gems. Now that my daughter knows how to collect tribute for me, I told her I was going to let her collect tributes while I’m driving.

So I asked my daughter what she was looking forward to about our trip. Legoland? Sea World? The beach? Her answer…collecting tributes.

Anyone else got a funny kids and gems moment?


This is super heart warming and also low key terrifying.


For real. My daughter also likes playing treasure maps, but so far I’ve resisted the siren call of collecting tribute while driving.


My 2 year old likes to shout BOOM whenever I explode gems or kill enemy troops


You can also train your kid to do Treasure maps for you I think


Yeah my daughter does treasure maps. She just calls it treasure game.

I remember someone else telling me their kid called this game “extra turn” because they played with the sound on and their child would repeat the phrase.

This is disturbing on so many levels. Gems won’t help you if the worst happens.


I am sorry to see GOW is more important than the safety of your family sp the kids and what’s more worrying is that you not young and you are addicted to a game. A bad example for kids when the most important for your kids during childhood is education.
This is just my opinion on other note enjoy your vacation and your time with your family :v:


Same goes for me. I am not judging anyone, just expressing my personal opinion.

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Well I’m only 8 ascensions from a perfect collection. I’ve got an average class level of 91.5. So I’m hoping that finishing up the last 2 factions, a complete set, and all classes to 100 will quiet my obsession.

I’m really thankful to the developers for the Adventure Board which is a time saver and the new faction style which means I’ll only have to do delves once a month. I should have my life back soon and then I can write that second novel.

Obsession cannot be quenched, only managed.
Each week or month there will be more new things to get, and the infinite cycle of obsession will continue.

Actually the obsession will just change from “must get” to “must maintain”

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Must maintain is a manageable one with delves and daily tasks being so much less time consuming and potions even make events fast. The tax is an entire day a month for delves and the rest is doable.