Gems of Streaming

I hope its not parked on the shelve.

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In no way in this a valid argument. I say that as a pretense…but…

It seemed like every comment I made during the stream was at least read by Salty with a few times her acknowledging them.
She opened up the stream to questions…I asked at least twice about delves/factions being altered in the future. Absolutely zero response. :man_shrugging:


If that turns out to be the case then that’s the dumbest thing I’ve read on the internet all week. Even dumber then thinking it’s reasonable to use gems to skip treasure hunts.

iirc, 2nd half of 2020 Delves were meant to be addressed, same as Arena and TH


I was waiting for this patch. I believed that he would change the Guild War. Equal in strength guilds will play among themselves. Instead, i received another step in the direction of the donation dump.

If you want, go discuss 5.0 here in a separate thread where it wont get lost

The amount should never be more than 2 event keys, 5 gem keys, 25 glory keys, and/or 50 gold keys each week depending on exactly what tasks are in the campaign that week, at least according to my understanding, but they are there. You can also spend gems, glory, or gold to purchase those keys.


Don’t you also have to spend crafting resources for some of the tasks, like crafting summoning stones?

Yes you do.

What is the gem cost to skip tasks?

Before xmas 2020 or 2021 :crossed_fingers:

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150 per gold
100 per silver
50 per bronze.

12,000 for all 160 tasks.

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After 3/4 of the Factions are released already. :roll_eyes:

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Do it @noob. :grinning:

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dang I edited my post right before you replied me, but it doesnt matter much.

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But you can only skip the ones available that day right? As in no incentive to skip tasks to speed the campaign up? As long as you can do them that day without using gems, you should.

Can only skip the 16 you get per week, then have to wait for the next week for next lot of tasks yeah

Not all tasks will be doable in a day, a few are designed to take multiple days


You get more stars by buying the Elite+ Pass for $25, meaning you’ll have quite a bit higher stats from your Artifact for Guild Wars.

Depending on the week of GW correct.

The stats are the same for everyone, but with Elite+ Pass you can get it slightly faster because of the 20 per week.

If, say in week 5, you decided to get the Elite+ Pass, you would get a mail for the 100 stars that you didnt get before

I can’t argue against the GoW advantage.
But solely in the skip task area of it.
There’s an incentive for those in serious GW guilds to spend gems then to skip tasks to get the stats faster than those who don’t. Outside of even paying money.
Therefore… based solely on that… Minus any pay argument or stat argument.
5.0 does ruin GW.
I’m all for tasks in the game that give an incentive for people to play stuff in the game as long as it’s designed to be enjoyable (which treasure hunts aren’t for a majority of the player base.) However, if I’m given an incentive to skip any of the tasks for the betterment of my guild. Then the devs have lost my support with the update. Or they’ve lost my desire to stay in bracket 1. If nothing changes before the update is released… Then the latter will be true.

Black Dragon went from last to first in the matter of a year in Guild Wars. Sincerely congratulations on winning the last truly competitive Guild Wars for Bracket 1.
We won’t tank GW to drop on purpose. But I’m going to make it clear to folks that they should no longer care about it. And if someone doesn’t care, they can’t put the time in to be successful in GW. So I’m pretty sure we won’t be in 1 for much longer.

Hell let’s say someone doesn’t want to spend the gems.
To get the tactical advantage for GW they are going to grind out in one day a task that’s supposed to take days to complete if it gives them enough stars to have an advantage in wars. Which will either burn them out or be a negative source of mental health.
Unfortunate short sightedness on the devs side.
Campaign bonus stats should not effect GW. I’m cool with :heavy_dollar_sign: incentives. But not more time and possibly negative mental health incentives. I’ve watched enough of it from FA/Delves. No thank you.

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