Gems of Streaming

I think it’s worth acknowledging that our updates are planned well in advance, and our pipeline doesn’t always mean we can rework major features or include big quality of life changes as the community brings them up.

They must be worked into the updates we have already planned and are actively working on.

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I’m sure they do at this point. But it is their game and they get to control what gets implemented and when. As Salty just said, timing is an issue here. PvP is going to be rehauled at some point, and the devs surely know when the block of time is that will be allocated to it.

My personal take on the matter is that nothing is going to change significantly on the PvP front until the rehaul arrives. Technically, there is an indirect PvP change in the update, just not the one you are looking for. Rather, it’s likely yet another foundational stone for the upcoming PvP rehaul. You won’t see it in any patch notes, ever, though.

It doesn’t look like a major update…

New daily tasks look like Dungeon (which should have been included in this “rework” pack).

Do you mind elaborating on this comment?

Hmm, up to 4.3 i would say we get 4.4 this or next week, but since 4.3 we know it can take several weeks…

Doesnt sound like a major update for a high level, but lets wait what the Aventure Board brings us (with the risk of losing better weekly/daily tasks), team C&P is usefull and thanks for finally showing the real damage of boosted units!
I hope we will get some new achievements / trophies like we got with other major updates.

Q&A will be interesting, most of us are waiting for weapons and a real possibility for 2500er devles.

Sure. I didn’t catch this for a good while on beta, as it’s a consequence of one of the other changes. Specifically, it has to do with the design implications of the new Adventure Board.

With current snotstone events, a good chunk of players often use defense teams that are either designed to intentionally lose for a number of reasons. With the implementation of the Adventure Board, there will no longer be a need (or benefit) to do this, as those types of events will no longer exist. Thus, the indirect PvP change is the removal of incentives to use these types of teams moving forward. That said, there’s no penalty running these types of teams post-4.4… yet.

When the PvP rehaul comes, there will likely by design be no viable reason to run anything but a legitimate defense team. If normal PvP does indeed become bracketed, running anything other then your very best defense team is going to be a very poor decision.


I like this. This will help the early stages be even quicker and when I can’t be bothered doing guild events my sigils won’t be wasted.

This sucks. The adventure board looks like more dungeon/pet rescue stuff. The old daily tasks are good you can either use Dawnbringer with half mana start in challenges to get the tasks done quickly or try to actually build teams and do it in PvP. The trophy and arena tasks helps guilds too.

Without the weekly tasks the people that set teams to help people won’t have a reason too anymore and it will lead to more annoying empowered crap. Just another reason to never touch PvP again.

How about the event troop are we losing the bonus gold, glory etc for using that?

It made fighting level 500+ troops a tiny bit less annoying and helped the player out sometimes so of course it was fixed.

Cool but how about showing what is in each key. When there is a bug with event keys missing troops and with the amount of times this has happened in the past it will happen again and how will we know?

So another nerf to player rewards?

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did you watch the stream to see what the changes are?

Certainly seems like a nerf to weekly gems/gem keys/event keys from snotstones and daily tasks. Replaced by almost worthless gold and souls.

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Very disappointed by this update.

Really? The most important and most requested features are still NOT in the game?


Posted here about update 4.4:


Before my comment I hadn’t seen the stream due to different time zones, I’m in UK so I was sound asleep when they did it, I was just going by Lyrian’s summary

After watching a replay of it on twitch I’d still say it’s a nerf with rewards that were shown. One task had minor traitstones (which I believe isn’t currently in pool of rewards for daily’s but may be wrong) and others were few thousand gold, souls and shards.

Now while Salty said there were gem rewards from tasks I doubt it will equal what we currently get through snotstone events but guess we will have to wait and see when update drops

Does Switch get any update anytime soon? (assuming this update is PC/Mobile only - again)
And with any update I don’t mean version synchronisation.

Thanks Voq. Are questions allowed during the Puzzle Quest 1 stream? I’m asking for KGB from the Warlords forums and he was wondering if there’s ever talk about PQ3.

From the post I see below it will be significant reduction of daily/weekly gains. Daily tasks are not even closely replaced by Adventure Tasks and weekly events will disappear without any replacement. Very sad and cheap change to the game. It is definitely a way how to loose some players.

Maybe they want to lose players on purpose?
You know, server load, etc. I hope that’s not the case.

The issue with the old Event weapons is 100 times more important than this.

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I say a few of us find a coder and a graphic artist and make a better game
“Jewels of Battle”

This was an extremely hot topic on beta.

The change is not a nerf to the amount of rewards, but rather the the timing of those rewards.

Currently, in the weekly event, there are fixed rewards at fixed event point values. Players can earn those rewards at whatever pace they want, as long as they are obtained before the weekly event ended. That goes away, with the update. In it’s place, is a system where rewards are randomly rolled in random amounts per day. Over the long run, the rewards are going to be similar in amount to the combination of (weekly tasks + daily tasks) as they are now. However, and big however, is that the timing of when a player receives those rewards is no longer in their control. Further, the volatility of when those rewards are received is huge because the player does not know when those rewards are going to be received and the amount of awards potentially given in a single reward can be huge. Personally, I’ve seen a 100 gem daily task (it was Legendary) so far, and the devs have teased that there will be Mythic-tier tasks rollable when the patch goes live.

So, for example, right now, a player could receive in gems via tasks in 4.3 (by day):

All numbers made up for illustration purposes only, using gems only as an example because its the simplest prize to explain (gem values of keys and other prizes complicates the math more than is needed to illustrate the point).

10 + 10 + 10 + 25 + 10 + 10 + 75 = 150 gems

Whereas in 4.4, gem payouts might look like:

5 + 25 + 0 + 0 + 100 + 0 + 20 = 150 gems.

That said, because of the randomess of the rolls, 150 gems would be an expected value. In reality, players might range between 100 - 200 gems because of RNG, with even more extreme results in either direction possible.

Yes, there will be dry runs of days (sometimes multiple in a row) where few or no gems are rolled. It’s a feature of how the reward system is designed to compensate for some of the higher tier prizes (think: orbs of growth offsetting orbs of ascension).

Players will have to log in daily to check the adventure board daily for rewards, because who knows when a given day will have the lion’s share of rewards offered that week and if missed will be forever gone. It’s the same logic that will be used in the flash offer calendar.