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Gems of Monotony? Yep, that should be the new name

Council of Chiefs: Cool… All orcs for my team… neato
Barbarian Class Challenge: Oh look, orcs again… oh well, its only one day…
3 day invasion: Orcs? snore Oh maybe it was a bad dream… checks Nope, all orcs… again…

I thought that:

  1. 26 games was considered a lot per day by Devs?
  2. There was a focus for variety in game play

Another rant, since you put out Invasions as a 3 day event how about you lower the cost to get to the 4 invasion battles instead of making us spend precious gems on those useless stages leading up to stage 8 and 4 towers per battle? Like, get rid of half the stages…
stage 1: 1 tower
stage 2: 2 towers
stage 3: 3 towers
Final stage 4: 4 towers

Or even add a completely useless gem sync of a 0 tower stage 1 and make the 4 tower stage come in at stage 5. Your drive to extort money from us is getting pretty damn old.


So I just saw that they did reduce the number of matches in stage 1, 3, 5 and 7 by two matches each. But that still means that you cannot get to stage 8 without spending gems and you cannot really help your guild complete the event without spending a lot of gems. I understand that there has to be a cost to things but this seams a quite a bit high.

They reduced all stages from 5 to 3, so you can reach stage 8 /the small Orb without shopping.

16 Sigil + raven >21 Fights.

Topic: Yes to many orbs, but so you are at least faster with team building :roll_eyes:

You get 4 sigils per day for 3 days, that is 12 sigils. Ravens are not guaranteed.

By my count (I could be wrong) it takes 15 matches to get to stage 8.

C’mon, dude. It was right there for you.

Gems of Bore


Only if you don’t pay gems to play.

Took me a second to get the rhyme… I would never know it, I am not a poet.


And I was wrong again.
I thought stage 1, 3, 5 and 7 would cost 3 sigils while the others would be 1.
They all cost 3 sigils/matches to complete. So now its 21 sigils to get to stage 8.

Archivists of GoW, was it always this way?
I remember that the even numbered stages only cost 1 match to get through…

You’re thinking of Raid. Invasion always had multiple battles at each stage.

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Thank you for clarifying that for me.

I think this gets misquoted a lot – I think it was that 26 games required per day to get all the low-hanging fruit of Dungeons, Adventure Board, maybe daily event Sigils, was considered a bit too much. I’d totally be on board with not having to do the Adventure Board, and balancing the economy appropriately (in our favour, due to less available resources).

Totally agree that 3 lots of Orc events is overkill, though.

The only valid thing to this thread is that there just happened to be 3 orc events in one week. This is the first time that has ever occurred due to the new event lineup but won’t happen often.

The other points about invasion needing to be shorted even more are utterly baseless. If your most of your guild buys to the weapon tier (tier 3) and finishes weekend sigils, you’ll get the final rewards as a guild. Compare that to the world event and it’s much easier.

I encourage all guilds to focus solely on invasion to get the major orb. 99% of the guilds will never reach the major in the world event.

Sorry but this is just false.


Def not at all. How bout you do some math. Takes 128ish towers per player. I bought tier 3 and used my sigils today. I’m at 116 so are a bunch of my guildmates. In fact with tomorrow’s sigils I’ll probably be way over that 128 mark. my math was def not right lol. Been taking Math lessons from 505 games, I apologize.

Takes 150 each buddy.

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From the looks they had just taken away the final tier tower cost. So let’s say it is 150. A majority of the guild could still go tier 3 and only a few runners could cover the rest. In fact that’s what has occurred with us. So I would still say tier 3 for a majority is just fine. Tier 3.5 how bout that. With free sigils tomorrow I’ll be between 132-148. I got 40 towers today from my free sigils.

Taking an average of 140(tier 3 plus free sigils) for 30 players is a total of 4,200 towers. That leaves 300 towers, which is 75 sigils. That means less than 8 players would need to buy past the weapon. For many guilds who usually complete these events fully this is nothing.

Far more affordable than the world event which is why we have pushed to do invasion not world event.