Gems Gems Gems recruiting

In overhaul mode with the new patch, I donate 10k + almost everyday, currently ranked 238 with all bonuses at 15. Looking for anyone who loves the game and plays at least every other day, no requirement except be active

I was in your guild at one time. The name was Teraphamus. I contributed a CRAP TON of gold to your guild and was active EVERY day. I went out of town one weekend and didn’t play for two days. When I returned I found that I was no longer in the guild GEMS GEMS GEMS. Just curious as to why you booted me when I had been contributing like crazy. I know I put more than 250,000 gold as well as over 500 trophies. None the less though, I started my own guild so all is good.

Ha just passed y’all by myself, Glitchin to the top