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Gems freezes right after profile log in

I recently downloaded Gems for my Xbox One but for some reason can not get passed the initial loading screen. For some reason as soon as I sign in the game freezes and doesn’t do anything I have left it unattended for about 30 minutes now and its the same thing. I don’t currently have Xbox Live so I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it or not but if someone has had a similar experience and gotten theirs to work I could use some advise. Thanks in Advance.

It’s always online. You need a connection.

@PowerPlay I have a connection to WiFi because the game installed without stopping. Unless you mean the Live connection.

Without Xbox Live, it’s impossible to even download and install the game on XB1 in the first place. GoW requires an active server connection to function.

You’ve posted previously on your Gems gameplay (e.g., with Evolved Gorgotha). Something’s changed in your situation recently such that you no longer have Xbox Live service?

EDIT: I see… Your previous posts were for the PC/Mobile version. Sorry!

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