Gemocide Ultra - Top 100 guild is currently recruiting


Gemocide Ultra is recruiting!
Looking for preferably level 1100+ players or highly active lower level players
We are an easy-going group of people working together to smash the events into dust, we have a huge library of excellent teams from a dedicated group of ‘Team Builders’ to help you start with a bang
We hit 40K seals regularly and have a gold push on GW weeks, hitting dozens of LT’s every time!

600K Gold (1.2mil on GW weeks)
1500 Seals
ALL GW battles
ALL Guild Events

Join our server Gemocide if interested.

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We now only have space left in our top ranking guild, come jump in or regret missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

After some shifts in lifestyle, some of our members have either left the game or have moved down to a lower req guild within the family, due to this we now have 3 spaces open for a lucky few, come on down!

We now have two spaces available in our top family guild, come and check us out while there’s still space!

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We currently have one space available for a lucky soul to come join our ranks, come have fun commiting Gemocide!

I’m interested

Come join us in Gemocide and say hello!

Due to real life we currently have a few spots that have opened up, come and take a look!