Gemmell's Hero's PS4 Guild looking for members

  Hi everyone I was taking a break from Warframe when I came across this great puzzle game and now i'm hooked can't get enough of it,I love it that much i've set up a Guild in honor of the late great  David Gemmell.My PSN is Sir-Waylander and my character in Gems is druss so you can see I love his books.
  I play daily and have no plans of giving up this little gem of a game so if you enjoy the same things I do then why not come join me and together we can fight the good fight,may even clime the leaderboard who knows,I have a community set up as well.
   If interested in joining PSN Sir-Waylander with your code (the name of your character) and i'll send you an invite.Many thanks for your time enjoy your battles ahead.............