Gemlins - #9 Guild is looking for one active player!

Are you looking for a guild that is laid back and doesn’t have a high guild requirement but is super competitive? A guild that knows that real life (work/family) is important? Then the Gemlins might be the guild for you!

Our guild requirements are as follows:

50K gold a week - many members contribute more and we are getting legendary events
500 seals - We do hit 40K a week
75 trophies a week - We average around 5K to 6K a week

We have an amazing server on Discord where we have multiple channels dedicated to tips and strategies but also fun topics like music and games as well so it isn’t just about Gems of War!

We are looking for members who are preferably over level 200. Also Discord would be preferred for communication with guild events, especially Tower of Doom.

If you are interested, you can either message me on here or you can message me on Discord, my contact is Rekleiner#6598 and you can see what we are all about and if our guild would be a great fit for you! If you have your Invite code even better!!!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Bump - Looking for one member for sure, possibly two

Bump - In dire need of two active players looking to excel.

Hello Gemlins,

I’m relative new to the game. I aim to be hc player and I’m looking for a better guild to reap the offers and growth. Currently half my kingdoms are lv10, most with two star. Need lots of keys for better cards, traits and higher end items. I have some great teams already, including gold team with sparklesack, eggthief, skeletonkey and greed. Also a Firebombteam, but missing Sunbird for which I use The Soul dragon. Further I have a Forrest Guardian and some couple of other legendaries, dragonarmor and celestialarmor. I’m at level 330 at the moment.

I can’t give any prospect longterm yet, because I’m not yet sure where I’m going in this game. I’m just looking for a friendly envirement with good opportunities to progress. I’m also not very good with social media, discord or livechat. i hope thats not a problem. I can do a bit of text message if necessary. But I mainly want to just blast through everything, you know. Or maybe I can follow conversations without being involved too much, if thats possible. I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to see.
So thanks, I hope you like what I’ve shared with you and that I’ll be invited.
Thanks. Bey.

We could certainly use someone like you Luke! I see you joined our discord server which is great. We have a few player on the Discord who don’t communicate but it’s a good tool for showing off teams or giving direction for guild events. We can talk on there or you can drop your invite code and I’ll get you in!


I assume that it’s safe to share my invite code here, so here goes.


This should get you to get me in. Greetz.


sent - glad to have you aboard Lucky Luke!!

Bump - Looking for one active player looking to join our growing community!

We are now looking for two active players to join our guild.