Geminy Crickets is seeking options for survival

PC/Mobile, Guild level 3709, all statues maxed, #72 on global leaderboard with 4 million+ trophies. Organized Discord with friendly, laid back, well-informed and helpful crew. Intact and capable leadership. LT’s every week, max rewards in all guild events, and lots of Pet rescues. Guild Wars competitive, but not intense at all, has kept us in brackets 2-5 since 2017. Independent guild, currently not affiliated with any of the families.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? It is, and has been for 4+ years. However, recruitment has not kept up with attrition for some time now and after the next Guild Wars I expect our roster to slim down to 25/30. That 25 includes 3 patch fixes (usually enough to back us up while we recruit), and I anticipate 1-3 retirements in the next few months. Plus the stuff I don’t know about right now lol. Our members are strong, but we’re developing a real numbers problem.

Our current requirements are basically 1 million+/week (2 million+/week for higher rank), participation in weekly guild events, and Discord (chat participation encouraged but not required). I’m happy to follow up over DM with details on our requirements.

If there are other independent guilds out there in the same shoes who may be interested in combining forces, or if there’s a guild family that is able to help in some way, or if someone has any other ideas I haven’t thought of I’m listening lol. Just drop me a DM.

If you want to solve our problem by joining, come see us on Discord!



This is a drama-free friendly guild. I have tried to quit the game a couple of times over the years, but Geminy Crickets has kept pulling me back.


Joined 3 years ago as F2P player.
In one year; thanks to the guild resources; I collected everything. including new mythical friends!


I messaged you GabrielsPapa. Druids is 6 Guilds strong and we are interested in chatting with you.


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Long time member, 3/4 years in the guild and can say that it’s pretty much a big reason I play and why I came back to the game after I had to take a break for months. Everyone is super chilled, with contribution from everyone we have more information/help then you could ask for and probably the most important thing, a pretty damn awesome guild leader.