Gem transform/convert naming inconsistancy

Is there any reason why some characters ‘convert’ a gem to another colour and other characters ‘transform’ the gems? To me, it just seems an annoying naming inconsistency that makes it harder to search for troops that do specific switches.

I would like to see you changing all occurrences to ‘convert x gems to y’ so that searches don’t clash with abilities that perform other transforms - like transform a troop into another troop.


Just for the meantime until it gets resolved satisfactorily:


So because I’m “old” (i.e. played the game straight out of PAX 2014) and didn’t have access to all the new and confusing bells-and-whistles and got used to it, I usually just type a search term into the box… yeah, these need to be cleaned up. Convert, transform, I was looking for this yesterday.

Don’t forget “create” gems!
While these tend to be random and the other specific or targeted, the effect is essentially the same.

When you “transform” gems the new gems have half the level of the original gem, and when you “convert” gems they have the same level as the caster’s magic. :wink: