Gem theft auto recruiting 1000+ player 1 spot open

Hi, We are looking for an experienced player to join our casual yet competitive guild.
Must be daily active, level 1000+ and able to score well in GW 45k /Invasion 100-50 towers/Raid 12k-15k. ToD 25-35+Dooms
Communication is KEY in our guild , we hold a guild chat and community where we offer team builds.
Weekly minimums 210 trophies, 350k+ gold , max seals by Thursday.
Sentinels maxed for GW

All guild tasks completed on Monday and many legendary tasks every week.
We have a great community of people who help us succeed.
If you are interested just send me a message here and I will get back to you ASAP.
PSN- Fruitloop-Leah

Thank you