Gem Theft Auto- PS4 Rank 30/ GW Bracket 2


Hi, looking for a great player to join Gem Theft Auto
Must be daily active, level 500+ and able to score well in GW/Invasion/Raid.

Weekly minimums 210 trophies, 300k gold. Max seals.
Sentinels if in bracket 2 to level 4 and magic to 5 for GW, daily participation required.
Bracket 3 all to level 3 and magic to 5 and if sentinels to max if in bracket 1
All guild tasks completed on Monday and many legendary tasks every week.
We have a great community of people who help us all succeed and advise. We are a very understanding guild if circumstances arise.
If you are interested in a fun casual yet competitive guild just send me a message here and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you.


2 spot open :slight_smile: