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Gem Theft Auto- PS4 Rank 30/ GW Bracket 2

Hi, looking for a great player to join Gem Theft Auto
Must be daily active, level 500+ and able to score well in GW/Invasion/Raid.

Weekly minimums 210 trophies, 300k gold. Max seals.
Sentinels if in bracket 2 to level 4 and magic to 5 for GW, daily participation required.
Bracket 3 all to level 3 and magic to 5 and if sentinels to max if in bracket 1
All guild tasks completed on Monday and many legendary tasks every week.
We have a great community of people who help us all succeed and advise. We are a very understanding guild if circumstances arise.
If you are interested in a fun casual yet competitive guild just send me a message here and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you.

2 spot open :slight_smile:

(Reposting as this moronic site won’t let me create a topic yet.)

Hey there. Although I don’t do the Discord / social chat thing, I’ve been playing this game daily for months, toiling away with meh/average troops but still manage to contribute on average 500K a week (eg, currently with Polish Dragons for 24 days and have given 3.6M gold, that’s 150K per day), get all 1500 seals, 500+ trophies with the 2 or 3 Guilds I’ve joined so far. I’m currently level 1067, always participate in Guild Wars and (like an idiot in previous lower ranked Guilds) usually max out the Sentinels.

I’ve yet to be with a Guild that completes all the weekly tasks, so it be nice to actually experience that and hopefully get some top notch resources along the way.

If you’re still looking, I would like to join a Guild where the rewards are at least commensurate with my efforts.

Thanks, Soran.

Hi there Soran

Thank you for your message. We would be very happy to have you come join us. I can assure you We get majority of everything completed. So you wouldnt have to feel like that with us.

Whats your invite code?


Hello, Leah03. Between my last message and your reply, I received an invite and acceptance into another Guild. Thanks anyway for the reply.

Happy Hunting!

Ok if you change your mind let us know.


2 spots open