GEM THEFT AUTO ! Now Recruiting! ^_^

GEM THEFT AUTO !!! is a guild that has been around for several years. We were at one time a bracket 2 Guild Wars guild, and are looking to climb our way back there. We are currently bracket 5. Our weekly requirements are fairly low, allowing for guild mates to enjoy a more relaxed guild and overall gaming experience. We only ask for 500k gold a week, 2,000 seals and 200 trophies. But in all honesty, gold is the only one of those we are worried with. We are a Guild Wars based guild, but also do our best in guild activities such as the World Event, Raid Boss, Invasion and Tower of Doom.

A few of us have been playing Gems for 5 years or more now, and have a vast bit of knowledge to share on team builds for defense, attack, delves and more. We pride ourselves on instructing and helping our guild mates with less knowledge become better players! Our “Ranking” system is based on participation, and Guild Wars performance. The lowest rank is “Follow Directives”. The next rank is “Getting There”. To advance from Follow Directives to getting There, all you need to do is stick with us for a while and follow directives such as meet weekly gold requirements and max out your Guild Wars sentinels to level V. The next rank is “GW Ringer”. To get there, you must not only follow directives, but score 50k+ in Guild Wars. Past the Ringer rank is “Executive Team” which is reserved for co-leaders of the guild, members who have been with us a while, meet all requirements and have a solid grasp on how the game works.

We realize Gems of War is just a game, and that real life comes first! If a situation arises that keeps you from meeting requirements or playing, all we ask is for a “heads up” by messaging a co-leader in private, or even posting to the guild chat out of game or in game making us aware of your situation. Failure to inform co-leaders of a situation preventing you from playing is guaranteed way to get booted! The “Sleeping” icon beside your name on the roster is a bad thing! LOL!

Well, if you are looking for a friendly guild with a relaxed environment and members that don’t mind instructing you on how to better you game, look no further! GTA would love to have ya! :slight_smile:

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Cool name. I could force my little sister into gems of war when she gets her playstation4/5 for Christmas.

Thank you! The name was actually established before I ever joined the guild, many years ago. :blush: And we would love to have your sister join us!