Gem Spawn Modifications

There have been a ton of posts on the forums lately about the “modifications” that have been made to the back-end logic associated with gem spawning troops.

Expecting random number generation to be random, when it comes to where and what kind of gems are created from troops such as guardians, is apparently asking too much from a game many of us have supported with actual currency.

At what point can we expect some slight shift in AI logic so that the moves of a player that spawn gems (and do so in a way that doesn’t result in 4/5 matches) doesn’t result in the AI then being able to take 3-7 moves that we have unwillingly set it up for? Or do we just need to get used to the perceived intention of "get rekt players, but also here’s this “Offer’s screen every time to log in, please pay for stuff”.

If you’re gonna bend me over a barrel and make things no better, at least have the manners to say you’re doing so while also asking me for money every time I start the game.


Agreed, I’m waiting for a fix so that gem spawning teams are fun to play again. I never expected 100% wins with them but having constant “critical fails” where using one gives the AI a bunch of prebuilt 4/5 matches is just lame.

I also wish the “offers” popup could be turned off, though a LOT of F2P games already do this so it’s not exactly strange. I’ve played a couple games where the shop ads went away after you made a purchase, that would be kind of nice. I’ve put enough money into the game where I can find the specials/shop without needing a huge full-screen ad 's assistance.


Only the true RNG can be fair. Any kind of tweaks to the gem creating algorithm is cheating, either it’s my gem spawner who misses or the AI’s.
I can repeat this till my fingers fall off: I don’t need any kind of artificial bad luck for me or my opponent. I want a fair fight. True RNG for the win!

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The problem is the current RNG feels like it has been maniupulated to an extreme degree giving the AI advantages that are blatantly unfair.

If we (the playerbase) were to be told that the only RNG present in the game is true RNG, I’m not sure how many would believe it at this point. If I can play my gem spawner teams and see an overall 50% match-4 rate (and see the AI use gem spawners and see the same overall 50% match-4 rate) I’d feel a little better. Currently, I’m seeing <20% match-4 rate for me and >90% match-4 rate for the AI.

At the end of the day, gem spawners can make or break a match, and even a 50% win rate isn’t good enough for a lot of players, including me. There is a segment of players, myself included, who will use the team(s) that give the best overall combination of speed and win rate. If that pigeonholes us into using a small number of teams, that will result in players getting frustrated/bored (whether or not they voice their concerns) and leaving the game. I’m not there yet, but I’d like to not be stuck with the same tiny subset of teams for the long haul.

I’m there. since the change to the spawners, i’ve only found 3-5 teams that are fast enough and work on a consistent basis to use. Most of those teams either use the same mana engine, or the same damagers with a diferent mana engine. And i’m getting really bored with them, really fast.

The worst part is, when invade teams are pigeonholed into so few viable options, it makes it easier to counter out those options on defense. making the game even less fun.