Gem from a Defeat?


I once recall having a gem from a Defence Victory…but a gem & glory from a defeat?

This with a Legendary Fortress Gate defence…

Any explanations/ideas?


I’m guessing the Defense is still following the old convention where 7-cascade match in a row gives you gem instead of a map.

So… even tho you lost. It probably means you pulled off a 7-cascade match during the AI Defense?
Again, I’m just guessing here.


Since they introduced the defense rewards (almost a year I think), I got a gem as a reward only once. So I wouldn’t rely on it much.


I believe they may have fixed their formula in 1.0.8, for I hear a lot of people starting to get a gem or key from defends. I just got my first defend key this morning when I won 2 defends.


Yeah and they also give 3 glory instead of just one. A step into the right direction


yeah I had a victory and it gave me three glory, and more gold than I usually used to get.