Gem, Event and VIP keys can there be better control on the multiples?

Do you know how frustrating it is to spend 10 keys and get multiples of the same card???

I don’t mind it with Gold or Glory, but Gem and Event keys - I DO MIND.

The last three purchases have been 10 keys each -I have gotten 3 cards each - multiples of those three cards. THAT SUCKS.

There needs to be some kind of better checks and balances here especially since there are over 200+ cards that you can toss out before I get dupes

For Event Keys specifically this is unavoidable, since most of the cards you get from, them should be from the event kingdom, and there are only a dozen troops or so in each kingdom, so in using keys you are bound to get a large number of multiples (of the URs specifically due to the drop ratios).

VIP Keys are in a similar place since they can only drop Epic and above, it’s a bigger pool than the Event keys for sure, but you do get two each pull, so duplicates are more possible.

Gem keys are a different story though, it’s the one place (out of the three) you’re less likely to get duplicates, but at the same time, RNG can hate people at times.