Gem Dragon Egg

What is the BEST day to craft Topasarth?

Oh if only it was that simple!


The day they add the Topasarth recipe to the forge. Other than that, feel free to gamble, most players get Topasarth within 20 pulls or quit playing.


Hmm. I have 997 Dragonite, I need Topasarth and the blue dragon. and finally Diamantina.

Between “AND” and “finally” there is enough space to store up 3000 Dragonite…


That scares me! :scream:

If we have more people reporting which day they get which dragons (and due to timezone differences it may be helpful to include the dungeon color with each craft date) maybe we could actually start analyzing this … here’s what I’ve been able to collect/compile so far:


Sample size is still too small to be meaningful…

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Well I got my third Emerald…. Crafting yesterday (Monday after weekly reset).
Have crafted 12: 5 Garnet, 3 Emerald, 2 Sapphire and 2 Amethyst. No Ruby or Topaz yet.

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Captura de tela 2023-03-14 184915

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@RootsSeed Looks good man! :v:

For most players, “good” would need the word “new” to show up on at least one of the crafted dragons.

@Fourdottwoone. I have enough Dragonite for 2 new eggs today and will craft them later. I will let you know if I was lucky! :sweat_smile::wink:

I got all the dragons already, but I don’t remember when so, I decided to open more eggs and tell the day but, I’m just not sure if here is the best place for it.

Discord. :wink:

I don’t use discord.

@Stratelier @Fourdottwoone. Just now 2 gem dragon eggs crafted. First emeraldrin. 2. sapphirax. New for me.



@Eika Congrats!

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