Gem creating effects have wrong/missleading description

Description says:

  • Create x gems
    (suggests the gems position is completely random and irrelewant to other mechanics already triggered within a turn)

Should be:

  • Create x gems with an enhanced chance to gain extra turn if you had no extra turn within this round yet. Chance for extra turn decreases upon each extra turn by x%, reaching 0% after x turns.


  • Create x gems under certain spawning algorhitm limiting extra turns

comment: we even have a chance for the debuffs to cleanse/tick described in percents - explained in game tips at each card that uses the effect! this gem creation mechanic now clearly has a fixed % chance so dont pretend it doesnt?


I just wish it would do what it says without all the hidden limits

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It feels like this is still being “tweaked”, so I’m hoping the situation continues to improve. As it stands now, the only place I use random gem generators is Explores because the opponents are so weak there’s no risk when it fails. I’m still seeing a higher rate of “leaving a match-4 for the AI” than getting match-4’s myself, but it’s no longer always leaving them for the AI and never giving me any, so it IS improving.

It’s still nowhere near what it needs to be in order to be something I rely on for PVP, though. With the crazy cascades mixed with Bonestorm mixed with match-4 and match-5 surges, leaving free extra turns for the AI can cost you the match.

If the “combo breaker”/diminishing returns is going to be the way of the future, I agree, text needs to be added to these troops to be less misleading. If the text says random, it needs to be random, not “guided random”.