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Gears of war 2,3 and judgment for free

hi everyone i just got 4 codes for the numeric version

gears of war 2
gears of war 3
gears of war Judgment

i already own them so if anyone is interested leave a msg and i will give you the codes to intall it for free
(xbox one user only of course)

Edit: code for GOW 1 is gone only 2,3 and judgment left


what do u want for exchange?

i ask nothing in return just want to make sure the guy who want it will play them

also if someone only want 1 of them i can give it separately

Thx for the code man ! :slightly_smiling_face: Never seen such a nice act :slightly_smiling_face:

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no prob , like i said i already got them so why not make someone else happy?

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Yeah but still. Not everybody would do that!

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Not here for the code, not really a Gears fan. Much better use handing it to someone else.

Just wanted to say you’re a good individual.


lol ty pass the word if you know someone who want it :slight_smile:

Im guessing that the codes aren’t active anymore are they?

Lol, how did you dig this up?

Hunting for gears 3 codes, been wanting this game for ages and stumbled across this hoping haha, lost the old game and could never get it back

@Rickygervais, you still holding on to those?

I really loved Gears 2. Then Gears 3 just really got better. So man I was all in on Judgement, bought the season pass, went to the store late at night to pick it up, the whole nine yards. And? Its terrible. Just god awful. No Horde mode. Just bad all around.

That being said, nice of you to let someone have these, good on you!

Sorry no more gears of war 1,2,3 and judgement but i got code for gears of war 4 if any interested

@Saluki yeah judgement is the worst of the serie

Hey I’m up for having gears 4 man

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Bruh if anyway you could get judgement can I have it please? It will be the greatest help anyone did me man. Pls if somehow…

@Saltypatra this looks like a bot to me