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Gargontaur - Dark Fury working OK?

Is the 3th trait on Gargantaur working correct?

Dark Fury - ‘Gain 8 Attack and Magic when I take damage’.

My fully traited Gargontaur doesn’t get attack or magic increased when taking damage (skull-damage or for example damage from Kraken).

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Does it occur if Gargantaur takes damage to life, not just armor?

I think you’re right.
It’s dissapointed how the trait is described. For example, the first trait of Gar’Nok is ‘Gain 5 Armor when I take damage TO LIFE’. That’s clear to me.


Agree it could be clearer. All the Orc traits are triggering on Life damage.

On an off topic, does that mean that Orcs are actually nice counter against Kraken?
It could actually end up with more Armor than it started out after a Kraken trigger…

Yes Orcs are slow / hard work to kill just with Kraken trait damage, say by looping. You get them in the end as their life erodes slowly. I’d hardly call it a Counter though, as Orcs can hardly stop a kraken/troll combo, and there’s the small matter of Kraken’s high spell damage and devouring…