Gard Worth Fully Traiting?

At a crossroads here.

I play enough to get somewhere between 300 - 500 glory per week. I always buy both troops that are in the weekly glory bundles as well.

Currently I have about 7000 glory hoarded, which has taken me quite some time. This week, both traitstones for Gard are available to purchase at 250 glory a pop. I’m interested in fully traiting him, but (not on my account currently) would have to pretty much deplete my entire reserve.

There are other traitstones in th future that I would like to purchase as well (not sure when/if they’re coming) for troops I have currently, or will be released soon (have 21 of skull for pharos-ra, but only like 8 of the other one, so will need to make quit e few purchases of that when it comes, whenever that is).

Also, I’m not a huge fan of explore. I’ll grind through it if I’m short 1 or 2 stones, but when I need 25 - 30 of them, the hill is just too daunting to climb.

I suppose the real question is… is it worth having his 3rd trait? Is it a pretty big game changer? I currently actually don’t even use him, but was thinking if he was fully traited he might be fantastic? Not sure.


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He’s generally considered to be among the best mythics when fully traited. Fire off a few spells and he’s ready to mow down or at least severely damage the whole opposing team.


I wouldn’t use Gard unless he was fully traited. The best way to use him is on a looping team where his 3rd trait builds up his armor with each 4/5 match in the loop. Personally, I’m not usually a big fan of looping teams, but if you like that style of play, traited Gard is pretty-much unstoppable.

If you don’t want to burn your entire stash of glory, you could compromise by buying less than everything you need and then committing yourself to farming the rest with explore mode.

Stan has it right. Buy as many traitstones as you are comfortable with, then Explore for the rest. Gard is totally worth traiting.

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Agreed. When you get him traited, try Gorgotha, Rowanne, Gard, Mercy. Heck of a team.


I like Hellcat, Alchemist, Giant Spider, Gard. I hear Mercy, Hellcat, Alchemist Gard is also very good.

Both allow you to do an infinite loop once you get rolling and then you can either wait until Gard can one-shot the entire team, or cast once, quickly refill and cast a second time for a team wipe.

@RiverSong’s suggestion is more of a quick-charging nuclear option, which is more my style. I’m going to have to try that one out!

Damn. Just what I feared the answers would be… looks like it’s going to be bye-bye glory stash :frowning:

Thanks for the team suggestions as well! Banner suggestions?

If you can get a quick explore team going, you can probably average 1 or 2 arcanes per hour. If you’re willing to be patient for a week or two, and can work some explore into your routine and still meet your guild requirements, it will really help.

I don’t remember which one I use on my looping team, but it would definitely be focused on getting Alchemist and Hellcat going ASAP. Alchemist needs fewer mana and has fire link, so double red, or red/yellow would be good options. Maybe even Dragon banner (but try to avoid taking brown if red is available).

I’ve been so unlucky with explore that, like I said, unless I’m only short 1 or 2 stones it just seems like it would be too much of a grind. I only have so many hours a week available to play the game, so I can’t just sink a ton of time into explore.

I’ve probably played a total of 150 explore matches and gotten maybe 3 arcanes from it… soooo, the time investment to stone ratio hasn’t been great to me (imo)

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That just means you’re due for a reversal of fortune! :wink:

That’s not the Gems of War way, and you know it!


I use honour, humility, mab, gard’s
Loop the two guardians, mab freezing on match 4’s cast Gard when he’s accumulated 170 armour or so for a one shot team wipe.


Mercy, Hellcat, Alchemist, Gard’s is the team I always use against mostly daemon teams (famine,death,plague,kerebos etc etc) I have never lost using it and in my opinion the third trait is not essential as the game is usually very quickly over so you’re not casting many spells. (lev 1146)

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Actual im using following Gard Teams…,6123,6105,6296

If Mercy can create enough Yellows, Terraxis will be filled. Then hopefully you can do enough brown from blue gems to fill Ragnagord. If everything works fine, then you can blow up required gems with Ragnagord for Gard…If you are very lucky, all this can happen without any gem match from your opponent :grin:,6211,6296,6021

Try to fill Poison Master fast. Then blow up Greens to fill Settite Warrior and maybe Gorgotha. Cast Settite Warriors spell on Gard to raise his armor and do the first damage to all enemies. Do this as often as you mean that Gards armor is high enough to kill all enemies.,6080,6264,6296

If you have a good start, Mercy fills Humility. Then spam Yellow and Red or Browns Gems for Gard :wink:
Jarl could be also usefull to create yellow and red gems…

And YES! Gard is worth to fully be trated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have a lot of Gard teams. Definitely trait it fully.

Some not listed:


Rock Troll

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Yes, without a doubt trait that puppy!!
Everybody already gave you my teams… how do you all know them?! :fearful:

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i think Gard is worth it - IF YOU USE HIM.

but i would still prioritise Pharos before Gard, so maybe save some glory for pharos (2k glory?) and spend the rest for gard

also you CAN more or less guess when or at least in what order new cards for console will be released, when you analyse the release order for mobile/pc, so you can plan the glory spendings


Alright, I dropped 7200 glory (my stash. Lol) and traited him. Now time to test out some teams!


Best offensive mythic so far, period.

Anyone who doesn’t think so isn’t using him right.

When BD targets him though, he will light up the board with skulls!