GAPS nerfed yet again

Hoard Mimic battles always being level 150 is literally just another nerf on GAPS.

This is why we can’t have nice things devs.

Can you now at least remove the ridiculous speed tax on Cursed Gnomes? The gnomes are super rare enough and now with your huge speed bump. Surely farming them won’t be an issue.

Personally, I believe 80% of those who the changes were implemented against prior were also cheating at the game. And the devs would rather just penalize us all than spend even more time going after the individuals who literally steal resources by cheating.

I’ll dumb this down for those who are triggered by the word cheat used in any statement.

The devs allow each player one free candy bar. The cheaters end up taking 2 candy bars. To balance the amount of candy bars being taken. The devs now give half candy bars. Resulting in only the cheaters getting the intended amount of candy bars post nerf.

That’s why those who cheat effect your personal enjoyment of the game and it’s never a victimless crime in any online game.

(Offline games have at you.:+1:)


I provided this feedback elsewhere but let me repeat here.

I understand the point, but GaP is 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, most people (if I recall correctly) can do 50-60 battles with animations and transitions. You get one mini-boss fight, every 5 battles. Assuming that you get 5 tokens per mini-boss (it says 3-6 tokens, so let’s take 5 to simplify the calculation), this boils down to:

  • 60 battles per GaP (15 minutes)
  • 60/5 = 12 mini-boss battles.
  • 12 * 5 = 60 tokens per GaP.
  • 60 / 100 = 0.6 boss fight per GaP.

Now, the rest is assumption since I don’t really have good data on this, but let’s assume that mimic invade rate is 10% (which I think might be less, but again we can update later on):

  • 0.6 / 10 = 0.06 mimic boss per GaP.

In other words, you need to burn through 16-17 GaPs before you see a mimic fight.

Also, what happens when you see a mimic fight in a GaP? You simply retire. So, you lost at most 30 seconds, potentially less.

I apologize but I don’t see how this is a nerf. The reduction amount is literally ignorable.


And lose a chance at the most rare troop in the game?
100% not an option unless you already own the troop.

Awryan is chief complaints.


Going solely off your math. Every 17 gaps is nerfed at the very least.

It’s not a buff, it effects game play therefore +/= to a NERF. :person_shrugging:

You do realize that you are contradicting yourself, right? If you want to get a chance on most rare troop in the game, then you sacrifice a bit of GaP, is that too much to ask? Do you expect to get this for free? If that is the case, would that be the most rare troop in the game?

Also, once you get this, it will likely be useless to you to get other copies, definitely you won’t need more than 4 copies, so at some point, yeah, the chance to get that fight will be useless.

Even if you go with the fight, if you do pay attention, using a proper team, it would take about 2 minutes (at most) to get through both mimic and hoard mimic fights. So, you essentially lose 8% of that GaP (every 17 GaPs). In the context of repetition and long-term playing, this is peanuts.


I learned early in life doing nothing and hoping things will just fix themselves is a piss poor strategy for success.

Sorry if my complaints on the internet damper the usual exposure of Covid, politics or fuel prices found on the internet as well.

I would be happy to find some cat videos to post to balance out your experience.

Read the whole OP.

Because of this new nerf. I’m simply asking for a removal of the other preexisting nerf.

And is that too much to ask?

Why are you anti less nerfs in the game?

I don’t think I can argue against this logic. Still let me ask you a question: do you consider addition of new troops a nerf as well? After all, it effects the gameplay such that you need to use tons of resources even to get a single copy, use orbs to ascend, and then start getting these useless kingdom helper offers since you don’t have enough books. The point is: everything depends on the perspective you look at. I see this as an improvement due to addition of a new farmable mythic, bonus tokens, etc.

Yes, it IS too much to ask. At least what you are comparing is not apples to apples. If you are referring to the old nerf as the one that reduces the GaP gnome rewards based on difficulty and speed, then that nerf had a 10-30% reduction on what you get (maybe more depending on speed, etc., not sure. As I showed you with Math, this nerf is statistically ignorable.

Discussing and asking for the previous nerf to be removed is one thing (which I would support), but trying to justify that it should be removed because of the recent change, which is incomparable is just day dreaming.



You proved my point earlier with your own math. I’m going to leave the conversation at that. Instead of go down this rabbit whole of you trying to make it about everything else now.

But no. Adding the extra battle is not a nerf.

REQUIRING that we have zero control over the level of the opponents unlike the rest of explore mode is 100% a nerf. They knew exactly what they were doing when implementing the huge difficulty spike for anyone doing explore level 1.

You’re either arguing for the sake of arguing or literally can’t see your own math. But if you can’t see your own points then you surely can’t see mine than either. :person_shrugging:

If you encounter Mimic battle, isn’t it an option to quickly switch kingdom and grind rest of your GaP in other kingdom? Has anyone tested what happens if you back out from that mimic battle?


Undoubtedly there’s ways to get around any nerf. But in this case where efficient time is the whole gaming aspect of GAPS. Switching kingdoms during explore takes up more time than sticking to one kingdom.

And for Android users. Raises the chances of explore crashing due to a UI issue that has existed for at least half a year and not a priority fix for the devs as of 6.1

I haven’t played enough of 6.2 to confirm that the bug still exists since I’m basically only using one kingdom for explores right now.

Getting a mythic battle during GAPs without a mimic is already a time waster with the extra clicks/taps to get through the chest. Anybody that cares that much about efficiency is already emptying their mythstones before starting a GAP.


I have tried. If you back out of the mimic encounter at the team selection screen it stays there like a boss chest would to be opened at a later time. You can back out of the battle before it starts, safely go to another kingdom or change medals without the battle being lost. According to the official information also if you lose or retreat from the mimic fights you still get the regular boss chest rewards.


Thanks Cronus I was a bit worried the update might make GAPs a bit more annoying to run but your point is valid I do not think it will be too problematic. Especially if you do something like do a few explore 12 runs to dump mythstones before starting a gap/between them to make sure to avoid encountering them during a GAP run, though it does have a greater effect on Phoenecia explore 6 teams as you get more mythstones faster.

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Yeah I figured this would be the case. Thanks for clarifying!

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An easy way around this is to farm E1 as per usual with Ironhawk and then after defeating the boss THEN start the GAP while you have minimum mythstones. You will at most earn about 70-80 mythstones during the GAP.

This is how I already do my GAP’s actually to avoid the boss fight because of sometimes more than 25 hp and also extra clicks getting through boss chest opening screens.


If I forget to reset mythstone number before GaP and encounter mimic fight, I will just retreat the battle. At LVL1 , reward tokens are not great.

Edit: There is no “retreat” for mimic chests. Better watch out for mythstones total before GaP.


There’s a lot of things that warrant complaining in this game, this one feels like a very huge stretch.

I’ve been trying to get a hoard mimic battle all of yesterday. I finally got the lesser one that awards double tokens after opening well above 30 boss chests. Projecting that onto GaP the mimic fight nerfs overall gnome rewards by 0.03%, possibly less based on what you are trying to obtain. I’ll spare you the math, please shout if you want to see a bunch of numbers.

Some of them feel like they miss the mark. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it when someone takes their time to point out something that’s amiss, it takes quite a bit of effort. The time just tends to be better spent by focusing on the big issues.

Personal opinion, if the first boss chest during GaP were guaranteed to turn into a mimic battle I’d definitely arrange that to be triggered each time. I’m already spending 30 GaP seconds on launching a pet rescue for the guild. I’d happily spend another 30 GaP seconds on a pile of tokens I still need tons of, thanks to a certain kingdom power task.


Resetting the mythstones is the way I will handle this going forward. On older console, so no chance of hitting the 50+ battles, even on E1.

Does anyone have the number of mythstones drops per level?
Would make it easier to reset prior to starting GAP.

Appreciate anyone sharing the data.

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