Games similar to Gems of War?

Hello everyone,
If you’ve got a smart phone, download “Puzzle and Dragons” [sic]

You level/evolve monsters, build your teams, and match gems to power up their attacks. The special trick about this game, is you get to pick one orb, and you have a time limit to move it around the board to go for combos. I’m over 1000 days played on my main account, and there is still stuff to do each day. It starts out a bit slow at first, and there is a steep learning curve, but if you want a game that you can kill a few minutes a day, or hundreds and hundreds of hours in, give it a try.
As far as the IAP goes, the game hands out tons of magic stones, especially at first, and at least 1 a day, and that’s the only thing you can spend money on. You use these stones do a few things, but it’s mainly to roll in the machines for new cards.

If you do start out, and like it, you’ll want to look into the reddit, and look for help about re-rolling your account to get a good starter card, and keep these words in mind “only roll during godfest” - it’ll make more sense if you get into it lol. Feel free to message me for help!

PAD is fine, but it’s not at all like GOW. PAD relies on making very strict, very specific teams that are only functional when paired with very specific friends; GOW is ridiculously liberal with team-building by comparison. Gameplay is based on the speed that you can move your finger across the board, since you have a few seconds per turn to set up every possible match all at once; GOW is based on taking your time and making a single tactics match. Other than the very basic setup of “similar color gems form a match”, they really have nothing alike.

It’s…ok? but it’s very much an ur-example of heavily monetized gacha games.

A few similar games I’ve played were Marvel Puzzle Quest (PC/mobile). It was fun but flawed. Super grindy and very, very stingy with character slots. It was possible to get a high tier character but then you’d have to delete a lower/more leveled one - plus the game assumed you’re good now and increased the mission difficulty a lot for it.
Another was Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest (mobile only). Really enjoyed it for a while, would recommend anyone who played MTG any to give it a go. It got the MTG feel well. You pick a planeswalker, build your deck and draw from it throughout the battle. Varied deck styles, whether it’s summoning creatures and fighting with them or just killing enemy with spells. Long singleplayer campaign, haven’t even finished it.

Puzzle & Dragons I would’ve tried but it’s not available in my country for some reason. Even if it was, it also refuses to run on rooted devices. That’s, well, hilariously picky :slight_smile: