Games screen - Dungeon progress does not refresh


When logged in, in the game, and the new day starts, after all the info screens, calendar rewards etc., one press the Games button and the Games screen appear, you can see in the Dungeon tab status: Today’s dungeons completed.
If you press Dungeon tab button, you see the Dungeons are not completed.
Once return back to Games screen, you see the correct progress (eg. 0/3 Dungeons completed).
I believe if you refresh the Games screen even when logged in (cause events are loaded correctly), the progress reset on the Dungeon tab could be applied.
PS: Correct status appears when you quit the game and start it and log in with fresh session.
PS2: Tested on mobile versions, Android and also iOS.

Best regards,
Dzoko Stach

Video link (52 MB):

Hey, what time did you see this?

I also often see this, shortly after daily resets, if this helps? Maybe I can take a screen cap showing the time up the top of my phone?

Hi, I see it at 9:00 CEST.
The steps are to be logged in before the Daily reset happend.
Let it happend.
Then enter Games screen, and you can see the Dungeons remember status from “yesterday”.

Thanks for your report @phtorxp
Please force close and reopen the game completely after Daily Reset to avoid any strange visual issues like this: