Game window cannot be resized directly

Operation system: Windows 10 x64 Professional


If game is running in window, resize by screen boundaries dragging is broken.Problem appeared since November (it seems, graphic engine was changed at those time).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run game in window.
    2.Try to drag border with mouse.

It sometimes works. But with quite a big chance (4 attempts from 5 in my case) instead resizing screen to the new limits, it simply hangs. Picture will “shrink”, “magnify” or “deform” to any resolution anyway (warping, of course), but it not tried to adjust scale anymore; screen is static and control is not responding. Still, game remember this new settings, and starts with it after reset.

Changing resolution through Options menu doesn’t hang and works as usual though.

If you want this bug to be actually addressed you have to follow the new format. (discourse doesn’t like copy and paste)

Thank you for your answer. Because I would feel myself quite stupid if I’ll write the same text trice and fill the gaps with words like “absent” and “no”, I will not do it, sorry. It is forum after all, not fixed form with automated answers and big data processing. I did it quite close to form in my eyes. If it is not enough, then it’s not people processing it but automated systems with quite a low ability to learn. And they hardly will resolve my problem anyway. I can live without it in such grim case. Another nail in great support of last year.

But I still hope that it is not so bad. Maybe I am too optimistic. We’ll see.

Again, having virtually the same issue, only it just started. So do i make a new thread with the new format (different platform and all that) or add it here? I didn’t even notice the bug report category until i scrolled up after commenting on the other thread.