Game thinks treasure maps are a gift

Treasure maps are basically the first sigils in the game. As in spend energy and time in hopes of getting rewards based on effort and luck.
Therefore it does not constitute as a “gift”.

They really need to add meaning and purpose to these treasure maps. Right now, even with the addition of using it to craft vault keys, it’s still not worth the hustle.

Add the possibility of using them to open a wild chest, where it can be anything from common to mythic.

Or use them as a conversion factor to get any resources, such as getting for 1000 treasure maps one of these options: to get 50 gems, 10 diamonds, 1 Deed of a chosen color, or something like that.

Or using it as getting an extra sigils for any event. Like 300 treasure map for an extra sigil in any event.


I don’t disagree, but the Angel pulls from approximately the same pool as the Merchant, even for such low-tier gifts as a Coin Purse or a Gold Ring.


Using them to craft vault keys would be fine if we were not forced to use other resources that are hard to come by, such as celestial traitstones. What we get from 1 vault is rarely worth 4 celestial traitstones. I crafted once, got only gold, and will never do it again. Just up the number of treasure maps we need to do it and be done with it. Or implement a better version of treasure map which cost more treasure maps and yield rewards such as those you listed. I play that game mode daily, and I still have 2560+ of the things. I hate to think how many people have who use troops that increase the drop rate of them.


I’ve had one or two runs myself where the Gnomes (including Cedric) dropped nothing but Gold and yes it’s absolutely annoying, but those are at least, overall, a rare occurrence.