Game stuck after cpu wisp fires

I was playing a PVP game and the cpu fired its wisp spell. It charmed my Valkyrie and shuffled the board, but it refuses to take its extra turn. So the game is stuck.

I can tap on the game settings or chat icons and they work fine, though there is no retreat button because the game still thinks it is the cpu’s turn. However tapping on the remaining cpu team members or my own team members does nothing. Nor can I make a turn of my own.

This is the game in its stuck state. Note the turn indicator arrow still pointing to the cpu team.


Edit: this is on an iphone btw

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Have you experienced this bug more than once?

I also experienced this bug on mobile, just the once. Against a completely different Nyx team using a completely.different invade team

No that was the first time I have seen it.