Game not launch after patch 4.6

After last update (4.6.008, the version what I see through the androids settings: “app management”) the game crash as soon as it starts and never lunch. After appear an androids error report.

My device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (GT-P5200)
Android: 4.4.2

I have already cleared up the app data and memory cache

Can I do something;

Hello @Bacilic, unfortunately I have some bad news for you.

Devices that use out-dates OS that are no longer supported by their developers can encounter game breaking issues across a variety of apps and games. As Android no longer updates or supports 4.4.2, you will likely experience degraded performance on Google Play apps in general.

Please tell us the error code you are encountering, but be aware that there might not be much we can do.

Hi @Saltypatra

Thanks for your answer

I know my device is old, I’ve been playing this game for over three years!

Unfortunately I can’t somehow see the error code and I can’t locate the error log file.

Do you know where Android stores error log files?