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Game mechanic - looking for advice

Except for the 8 Mythics and 3 Legendary Troops that I am missing from my stack, I have achieved another milestone.

267 are at Mythic and 3 traited (aka completed)

The remaining troops that I have are traited at least 1 or more that are not in the completed pile (Mythic/Fully Traited)

I have 83 at 1 trait, 12 at 2 traits and 16 have 3 traits

Getting to Mythic is the RNG of chests. So all I really can control is traiting at this point

All My extra minor is forged into major then arcane
Currently where I am having the hangup is celestials (The Soul forge take jewels to make celestials and jewels only come from Dungeon.)

So here’s my dilemma. Up until today I have been extremely cautious about traiting only as needed for kingdom advancement.

Do I continue with the way of traiting only to star up a kingdom (and don’t bother if I can’t star it any further) or just go ahead and trait as I can to reduce the number outstanding.

Because right now I have about 20 I can do an additional trait on at least to get them to 2 traits.

Extra minor forged into major? I always had a minor shortage and way too many majors. As a potential end gamer, I don’t think you should be forging stones.
Forging is for people that need to trait that one troop to make their team awesome

5 non mythics, everything fully traited so im an endgamer…

I have kept the reserve of what I need (minor/major) and everything above that gets forged. @Lyya’s board is very helpful for that.

In fact I have over 75k extra souls as well which is used in forging :slight_smile:

so right now I have cards that can get fully traited and still have overage on everything

Ok, you’re the first person I’ve heard of that ran low of majors before minors.

What I said was I turned minors into majors. I’ve been since level 600 ‘maxed’ needed for all troops and just grew. I sorta went the other direction of constantly spending my gold on chests - and you can reap in a ton of those in the beginning.

When soul forge came out - I was double to triple the amount for each color both minor and major except for red. It was just a wee bit above what I needed.

So I took everything over the max starting at minor and made majors and then runics and then if I had extra there -which I did I made arcane until I ran out of celestial stones.

Ah, lots of gold chests.
Trait for kingdom star level, eventually you’ll have enough to just trait everything like I did. Minor reds was my weakness for a while too lol.

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