Game issue on PC only

Hello, since about last update (4.0), maybe a little longer I have to deal with very unpleasant problem with the game.
The game keeps showing me communicate: Error: Cannot connect to destination host.
I just keep clicking retry till it works, but try to imagine my situation when I want just to turn the game on and I get 3-4 such communicates before I get to world map. (1min pause between each).

It happens ONLY around 4:00-10:00 pm (European time +1 CET) - so basically the time when I can play the most lol. It happens ONLY on PC, on phone everything is fine, so not a wifi problem I think.

Just everytime my game loads. What can I do about it?

bump… any idea?

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the game? You won’t lose your account and it may fix it. If not I would send a support ticket as they will know the best steps to take

Reinstalling didn’t help…

I know, to necro a topic is not nice but seriously, after almost two years, this is still happening.

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