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Game is too complicated for Uncle Rambo

So much as the subject says. My uncle is not used to play match 3 games, so he finds it a little difficulty.

I have tried to show him the guides and helped him now through half a year, and I must admit I am weared out babysitting him.

So I was wondering if any easier guides could be implemented within the game itself. I think there the problem is that he needs to use his old Nokia mobile phone to google a lot of things to get a better understanding because the game itself does not tell him this.

He also wants Norwegian language and is hoping to see this in 2022.

I hope we take care of some of our eldery players and make it easier for them to play GoW.

Thanks for reading this.


What is he finding confusing? Listing that will help the devs know what types of tutorials are needed.

I was able to introduce my mom to this game. For reference, I introduced her to WoW back in the day and she couldn’t figure out how to move straight… :rofl: She got this game with relative ease. Admittingly, this was her second match 3 game, her first was Puzzles and Dragons.

What she did struggle with are the events since that info isn’t in game for… reasons… :question::question::question: But now she knows to look at the guild announcement for that.

I’ve noticed a lot of new people in my guild struggle with the underworld when it’s unlocked. Can shards be used everywhere? Hoard, quality, what? Woah, I can start a delve today but finish it another day!


You are not taking baby steps! :rofl: My dad can’t even survive Tetris… :upside_down_face:


@Snooj I think he just wants the guides to be inside the game, he is very slow when it comes to using internet and search things up, he want it all in one place. Other than that the events is really confusing for him, it is so many events and so little info in the game about what they are about. These world events have made him irritated cuz he doesnt know which color to fight etc. I try my best to educate him, so he slowly will set in.

But for newer player it is just a huge win to just have all the guides inserted in the game itself. It might be a dealbreaker when it comes to keeping as many players (especially the very new ones) as possible and keeping the game healthy.


I agree, everything needs to be in game. It’s one of the reasons why I keep poking fun at world event rules not being in game. A game should never make you leave the game to figure out how to do something.

Other than world events and now heroic gems being temporary, everything else is in game thankfully.


My mom is a playstation addict and she has had eye surgery and arthritis in her hand and if you tryed to take away her games she would get up and beat your ass out of her house with her cane. She is going to be 82 this year. How old is your Uncle Rambo?? Maybe he just likes you and is lonely? That could be, you could find a child that needs money pay them to help him play .


Uncle Rambo is 86 or 87 in November. Yeah I am glad we have this game to discuss and find new possible builds together. Awesome to hear about your Mother rocking the game at an age of 82. I love to hear stories like that. Age is not a hinder at anything. Computer surely gonna be my best friend at oldhome.

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I know a few retired people that are gamer. I think more will be showing up as the gamer generation gets older and the flu keeps people from interacting. I remember my first vidgame pong from radio shack . hahaha We come a long way since that.

yeah not only flu, but people in general have only gotten colder the last 30 years, the warm and good people is disappearing one by one. I love the old generations, and will be dearly missed.

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I was wondering how many wins does it take to get a champion level because i just played 20 and got nothing they are not clear on these things?

I dont know, sorry for being useless…

As computers things go i too am considered useless but I still try.

saltly edited my post out boring I am not. hahaha

Yeah, people can get offended when reading such.

I flagged your comment because it's inappropriate.

Don’t joke or add to the conspiracy that covid hasn’t killed enough people.

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