Game improvement(new guild competition)

I think the game needs another guild competition.
You can add a guild competition on the principle of “regatta” in the game TownShip.
This weekly competition will make the game much more interesting, and therefore more profitable.
If the developers are interested in this proposal, then I am ready to explain the principles of this competition.

This competition will have nothing to do with guild wars. In this competition, you will need to quickly complete a certain number of tasks (similar to those in the campaign). It will not require much responsibility for every move in the battle. It is much easier, but it also has great competitive value.

The old Occam bequeathed - "Do not beget entities! I agree with him in terms of forcing to play the guild, it’s enough that the players are flavored with all sorts of “interesting very, very” on the type of Rebirth…

Thank you, that’s enough.

This competition is convenient in that each player will independently decide whether to play in it or not to play. And this decision can be changed every week.

Yeah, the collective farm is voluntary, but he who bought the cow drinks the milk?

The guild is not the same, where the player decides for himself, and the whole guild drowns, gov wars with the head enough to feel their worthlessness as a “good” fighter for the guild…

Just had a bit of a look, here: Regatta | Township Wiki | Fandom

The “opt-in” feature seems pretty neat, tbh.

This competition is good because guilds with the same number of active members compete.