Game freezing at title screen on PC

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Game freezes at “Gems of War” title screen. I’ve played numerous times since the recent patch without issue but now I cannot enter the game at all.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Start the game…or attempt to.

I’ve tried verifying the game cache on Steam and running it in compatibility mode but neither solves it. Anyone else experiencing this suddenly or have a fix?

Could you try the following and tell us how it goes?

Ok, I just tried those launch options but none of them worked.

I can still login on my phone, but the Steam version just gets stuck at the title screen. I tried a reboot again and completely disabling my virus scanner without result too.

When you say the title screen which one do you mean? Is it the blue one with the large Gems of War logo? or the one with the progress bar and a character to one side?

Are all of your graphics drivers up to date?

It’s the one with the large Gems of War logo and blue background. It freezes with the red gem every time and just sits there. I’ll attach a pic.

Yep, updated just a couple of days ago to the latest nvidia drivers. Also no Windows updates are showing for me either (Win 10).

You best contact support then.

Yep…I guess so.

I also just completely uninstalled and reinstalled but no change.

I had the same issue yesterday, stuck at the same screen.
I switched Steam Cloud off for GoW and restarted Steam.
The game launched after that.
I’m not sure that this will help you, but it’s worth a try.


AH! This fixed it! Must have been a bad cloud save or something.

Sadly I remember this fixing another game I once had trouble with but I totally forgot about it.

Thank you so much for responding!


Aaaaah I’m so glad it’s fixed! Bless you @Venan!