Game freeze on GW battle win. Cannot exit

Cannot finish my gw battle although it is already over. I can talk in in game chat, but cannot record this win. This is paragon on last day of gw. Note timetime stamp on 2 pics 5 mins apart

Android OS

Cause RFG isn’t a big enough obstacle to over come. A bugged game mode that only gets made less frequent instead of fixed. Maybe that’s intended though. Make GW so frustrating that even those that loved it like the OP and I. Find little to no enjoyment from it anymore.

@awryan if you wish to provide feedback please do so in the feedback section of the forum.
The bugs section is not for discussion, it’s here so we can help players with technical issues.

@Taruin I’m very sorry you experienced this issue, I know from first hand experience that it’s incredibly frustrating to experience an issue like this in a Guild Wars battle.

Can you please tell me what the last move you made was before this issue occurred?


He’s in my guild. My feedback is relevant to the bug since it affected my guild. I’ll let him know to write you back since he doesn’t frequent the forums much. Unless I’m supposed to stay out of this as suggested.

@Kafka yes I remember that I killed the last enemy troop with famine cast

Hey @Taruin were you connected via wifi or mobile data at the time?
Did you go afk at all or minimise the game if you were playing on mobile to do something else quickly?

I’ve checked your game logs and it looks like you lost connection to our game server or the battle timed out before the end which is why it froze up.

Crappy hotel wifi in Israel… was dropping me all week. That’s probably what happened then. Although usually the game will recover if connection is lost. First time I have had it freeze like that. No i didn’t switch apps during gw match. Never :slight_smile:

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it just di it again! Help!

I did not lose connection this time. Last cast was ketra

Wow. Maybe tyou did something in the update because I quit (not retreat) the game and it didn’t register that attack

No scratch that it screwed me

Just didn’t register until I did my next attack

I think this is how the game always does. It doesnt show the red skull until you win and move to the next card, or you run out of battles
The game freezing bug definitely needs to be investaged tho