Game Feedback: I am overwhelmed. A letter to Devs

First thing I did in the game this morning was load up Dungeons.

It really sets the mood for the rest of the day. So… what’s to do:

This. Is. Too. Much.

I have logged in every day to play Gems of War for the past four years. But for the first time, I am considering that it’s just not worth it to play. Why? Because what I get out of all of this overwhelming content isn’t worth it.

The troops coming out these days are bad. The weapons are bad. The way to get troops is bad. It’s not worth paying for Kingdom Pass. It wasn’t worth paying for the last campaign pass.

I used to be able to keep up with missing troops but the awful design behind keeping the dragons locked is super frustrating.

You drained my gems – over 12,000 of them – for me to make duplicate boss troops. Why? What was the point of this design?

And then there’s the Hoard Mimic. I gave up. It’s not worth grinding explores trying to get it.

All of this and major things in the game are still missing…

Arena is still awful.
Treasure Hunt is still awful.
Souls are still worthless (I have 14.5 million).
Chaos Shards? I have max renown and have 42k chaos shards. Yawn.
Orbs? I have 13 Orbs of Power and hundreds of others…

It’s like… so much of the game is overwhelming, so much content to keep up with because you stack it all up, and yet the resources I get from all of that are worthless.

It’s just not fun.


I haven’t had the time to play ANY of the modes I actually enjoy and I won’t have the time to play them until I’m done with the time waster that is the kingdom pass and there’s a gap in Legends Bore.

Surely those in charge of GoW know that denying players their favourite modes invariably results in…

Right, I forgot. GoW devs = Ivory tower until the bitter end.
Try selling the company… again… or something.



I just haven’t declared any targets for this week. I was only able to catch up Saturday afternoon with so many events. I bet next week we will get one world event to play.

You answered your own question - to drain your gems.

They also target the frustrated players who will buy more, play more, engage more. The addicted ones. Those you can lock into the game by making them unhappy.

It’s predatory, and also pretty sad.

This game is still good and enjoyable overall, but some aspects are just terrible.

I also didn’t set minimums for this week, though they’re know for tower and invasion as they’re always the same. But still…

We’ve just moved up to bracket 5 and want to stay there so that is a priority.

Legends Reboring can still be played next week.

Kingdom Pass… Guess I want the free weapon but the paid side is very underwhelming. Didn’t buy it yet and not sure I will.

Onyx Giant is okay, though. He’s usable. So I don’t regret buying that one.

But really, why so many events in one week?

That makes every one of them feel more like a chore and less like fun.


Just a friendly reminder is we have 14 days for legend reborns so we can actually start working on that next week. Not everythinh has to be done right away. But i agree. There is a ALOT going on this week and then next week it will be back to nothing much.


Yes but then next week campaign is back, swapping guild wars for campaign and I think everything else is the same, tower for world event, weekend event for whatever weekend event. It’s still a lot.

Honestly legends reborn repeating questline should be a permanent feature, like the challenges.
No need to have it on an event schedule. Having the hardest final level of it unlock at a weekend with only 2 days to get through 26fights is just ridiculous.
Enables all new players a new goal to grind for, guaranteed to beat the first pet block in power levels. Easy win.


The Kingdom Pass is the straw breaking my camel’s back. Limiting the battle crashers to 10 a day and then having days that it takes an hour to get them is miserable.

Just miserable.


All I have left to target is the Hoard Mimic and the Dragons, but I always get duplicates. Also had 20 Hoard Mimic battles without getting the troop. Hoard Mimic battles doesnt grow on trees, I played hell a lot. The torture is real and I wish I was able to jump out of it. Gems of War is starting to become a game meant for hell.


They could have easily made battle crashers show up in all modes. It just sill to have to grind them separately each day. I auto played for over 2 hours to get 10 the other day.


It seems to me that there are a lot of different little areas where the player base could modify its’ behavior that would better send the message to the developers and the financial backers. Complaining here? It’s going to look like “blowing off steam” assuming those Powers That Be are even aware of it; even should the moderators and support staff that we do see posting in these spaces refer it up the line, it could very easily be ignored by those making the decisions.

So going back to TC’s post at the top? There are ways to get the publisher’s attention through your spending and playing habits if you changed and if enough people changed along with you. And many of them probably would come at minimal cost to a player, even a late-game player such as TC (and myself). Some examples:

Stop spending Gems on Dragonite. Or on Cursed Runes. Those spending items were put in place to be a Gem sink with questionable “rate of return” for the Player. Worse, they were probably intended to be a significant sink for the player to help the developers, either because the Player would spend real money to get the Gems or because they’d spend significantly more time with the game playing to accumulate them, even if “significantly more time” reduces to “log in every single hour to collect tribute”.

Figure out which game modes you can safely drop without impacting yourself. Don’t like the Arena? Only play it when a campaign task requires it, or maybe just re-roll it when it does. When an Arena weekend rolls around, ignore it entirely. Et cetera.

Pretty much ignore Legends Reborn. You can probably blow through the first iteration (level 20-40) lightning quick with the same sort of team many of us use to speed-run Explore 1/2 such as on Vault weekends. So just do that and ignore the rest. Don’t go out of your way to do the “bonk a number of this colored troops” tasks; either it happens on its own or it doesn’t. And don’t spend on the two advanced tracks. (Personally, I decided after the first LR event that 1300 gems for a Pest Gnome, a Cursed Gnome, and a pet I can gradually farm through Pest Rescues was a terrible value.) It’ll take longer to accumulate the pests that are rewarded, but there are other ways around it.

Don’t chase the leaderboards on other events. Do what is necessary for your guild requirements and nothing more.

Alas, I think the Battlecrashers still have to be done, because there’s a weapon up near the end of that rewards track that probably becomes a premium purchase after this event. But I still grind those in Explore 1 with a Rowanne team. It can take a little while, but it doesn’t seem like too excessive a time sink to me. But I don’t see an urgent reason to pay for the upgraded Kingdom Pass stuff beyond that; it’s still stuff that is time-gated but isn’t exclusive to those forking out real money or even just gems.

And, finally? Recognise that this is a game. Recognise where the game and the developers are nudging you into self-harmful behavior and resolve to change. It might seem better if the developers weren’t that way, but personally I have difficulty faulting them for behavior that clearly has their own motivations and interests behind it. And I see a person’s failure to adapt as their problem and not that of the developer.

But my basic point? The way to get the developers to sit up and take notice is to change. Hit them in the wallet by not spending on certain things. Hit them in the wallet by decreasing your commitment to playing time enough that they’ll notice. And maybe then they’ll change.

Because what’s being tried right now isn’t going to do it. Like so many other people in positions of “power” that I know, they’ll simply take complaints on the forum as a nothing-burger. As not representative of the player base at large.


I think your post lays out what most people would consider a rational response from a rational developer to dropping engagement and spending.

The response we’ve seen so far has been the exact opposite though.

Players play less?
There isn’t enough to do. We need to keep a busier schedule.

Players spend less?
There isn’t enough to spend money on. We need to introduce more premium content.

Long-time players quit?
There aren’t enough multi-year carrots. We need more unobtainium in the game.

I’ve yet to see a single post conceding the possibility that maybe - just maybe - the game has fundamental ‘game type’ of problems.

“Nah, we know better.”

Same reaction. Every. Single. Time.
Double down. Dig your heels in. Concede nothing. [NOT A BUG].
Every drop in profit is just the peasants being their usual stoopid selves.

Just a random thought… Maybe troops should not be designed to satisfy a random value in a random cell in a random Excel sheet, at least not 99% of the time.


The developers remind me of Comcast – they released a report saying that they don’t have enough subscribers. They are actually losing subscribers. So their idea for increasing growth is to make current customers pay more.

Comcast has a problem—it isn’t signing up many new broadband customers. But Comcast also has a solution—get more money from existing subscribers.
Comcast failed to add any broadband customers in Q2 2022, holding steady at 32,163,000 residential and business Internet customers combined. In its Q3 earnings report released yesterday, Comcast said it gained only 14,000 broadband users in the latest quarter. Comcast also lost 561,000 video customers and 316,000 VoIP phone customers.
That’s why Comcast executives focused on ARPU (average revenue per user) in an earnings call yesterday. With new customers few and far between, Comcast is aiming for growth in the average amount each existing customer pays.


Comcast. :roll_eyes:

Which reminds me, if you’ve been watching the Twitter fiasco lately, you get to see a “developer’s” thought process in real time, courtesy of Elon.

Tech co is losing a lot of money. Let’s charge users for something that used to be free! And to take the sting out of it, let’s give them subscription benefits that used to cost half as much.

Wait! That’s going to lose us even more money? Maybe charge to watch videos, maybe paywall all users!

We need lots of creative, innovative ideas! And we need to implement them urgently! I know! Fire half of the employees with no notice!

We are aiming for a dedicated workforce that believes in the product they are making.

What’s that? We fired the engineers working on the changes we announced? Tell them to come back, and if they refuse, consider them “quit” and take away their severance pay.

Kinda makes IP2 look like geniuses.

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I loaded up the game this morning, got the new troop in the shop like always, collected rewards in mail, contributed gold to guild, looked over the new mythic troop from campaign, looked at the adventure tasks, and thought “I don’t even want to play” and closed it.

Gems of Bore

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You clearly have burnout so the best thing to do is close the game and don’t touch it for some time.


Thats how it started for me. Those log ins dwindled and it became a situation where I would only log in for gws. Then I realized gws, the rewards, the spectating after a single move were more hassle than worth.

Now I just come on the forum to see what else they can break.

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I opened the game this morning, opened 2 dungeon doors, encountered a trap and closed the game. Most of my mornings start this way.

I do play again in the evening but it’s just the bare minimum to stay active in my guild, and to complete some daily tasks/events. Once I find a replacement for GoW, I’ll probably just stop altogether.