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Game down?

Shame, but thanks for confirming it :slight_smile: hopefully it won’t be down for long

Game stuck on “Loading Assets” on PC and Mobile. Many people in my guild has reported the same problem.

Only those who were playing during reset are still playing. But after logging out they encounter the same problem.

Same here, my game froze up so needed to be force closed, now it is stuck at the e on the loading screen

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Same here. I was switching medals and suddenly went into some weird screen, half-medal menu, half-world. No buttons worked so I closed the game. Now cannot connect on PC and Android.

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Im good but lots of reports of this from friends.

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Could you logout and login, please?

Thanks for reporting this, we are looking into it now and are working on a fix. Please sit tight while we resolve this issue.


Same here on Android Mobile - it loads fully but continues to change bagground showing the kingdoms - it has done that for several minuts.
And on Ipad it doesn’t load past 3/4, but changing bagground also for several minuts

Thank you very much, much appreciated

I’m halfway in a delve battle for the beloved Campaign Task: I guess will wait to finish the battle until there’s news on this.

Could be worse I guess: it could have been in a 60+ treasure hunt that (inexplicably & despite user feedback) is still required as part of the Campaign.

:blush: :vulcan_salute:

Yeah, its happening to me too on mobile. Force stopped the app twice and restarted my phone. Just stays stuck on the “loading assets” screen.

Salty’s on the case :slight_smile:


was playing normally when game got stuck at the hourly rewards (showed amounts). could not click continue

Don’t even speak of such evils :wink:

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Not a chance!


The issue should be fixed now, we will send a little compensation out tomorrow during business hours.


Can confirm, working fine now :slight_smile: no compensation needed, stuff happens!

Thanks to you and Salty for keeping us up to date and getting a quick fix sorted, much appreciated!

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It is working now! Thank you for fixing it and a compensation of 10 Treasure Hunt maps!

Thanks for being around when server is going down. :+1: