Game doesn't freeze, but stops taking input

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Smooth, issue-free PVP :wink: (maybe occurs in other modes, IDK because I mostly PVP)

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Game flashes the splash screen (similar to when phone is awoken) and when game resumes, no input is accepted in playfield or otherwise. Animations persist (flames, turn indicator, etc.) and music plays.

This has happened 3-4 times during morning commute during the last few days. I am playing on a Google Pixel XL and using Fi service when this happens, never WiFi and never on my tablet. Issue has not occurred when not in a vehicle in motion and I my best guess is that the interruption (splash screen) is due to a change in the phone’s state (i.e. tower handover).

I had massive problems with crashes on my old phone when waking and resuming play, and that was my main justification for buying a new high-end phone right now.

This issue is very infrequent but it’s frustrating to lose a win streak to a bug!

I’ve tried a number of things to get the game to resume accepting input and I am willing to try any troubleshooting to either prevent the issue or get the game to resume accepting input.

it might not help at all but check if the issue is related to gow app, maybe you installed something else recently that can linger on the background, messing processes and/or take over device ram?

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I downloaded a few apps that were on my other phone and the only other apps are stock. There are a lot of processes running but ram is good (I think?)

Game is still running. Been in this state for about 2 hours now xD

Just happened again :frowning:

Definitely happens due to network conditions; An “x” briefly appeared on my LTE bar when this happened.

With my old phone, I would lose service during matches all the time and I wouldn’t know it until the match finished and I’d have to “retry” when reconnected.