Game Breakers Recruiting, Looking for active people. CLICK HERE for details!

Game Breakers is recruiting!

We are climbing the ladder quick and look for active player to help and join the fun.

We’re looking for players who agree with these following rules:

  1. Contribute at least 100 trophies each week.
  2. Contribute at least 100,000 gold each week.
  3. Contribute at 1,500 seals each week.
  4. Participate in the Guild Wars each week.
  5. Have fun.

If your interested, please leave a comment below, and/or search for Game Breakers in game to join.

We also have a discord server up and running now too!

We are forming a power guild.
Our goal is to obtain top 10 in the next 6 months.
We are looking for active experienced players to help our trophies gain.
Reply and/or send me a private message if your interested.
Thank You