GAH! I need to blow off steam!

edit: DONE!!!111111one

Just do it here.


Go watch some porn


to me, pr0n is unappealing and unpleasant

edit: I ranted to a sympathetic ear, now I we can go OT because I no longer want to erupt !

Go watch the ducks and feed them in the harbour…

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What I find so troubling beyond the countless aeons of pain behind his kind visage, is the feeling that each of his teeth could by pulled out with my thumb and forefinger *SHIVVER*


Ok. Can someone please tell me who that image is of that keeps popping up all over the boards? Why does his image keep popping up all over the boards?!

It’s a Scandinavian Priest and Healer called Gustav Bruvik. He is a part of a MEME collection. I use him because Krudler is a huge fan of him. :wink:


Its a good thing the game automatically ends fights once the corpses of the foes are good and dead. You’d still be pummeling Luther’s dead body in the tutorial LMAO :wink: xD

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