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FYI Potion of Armor stacks with existing skull damage reduction

For those who don’t know, when you purchase Potion of Armor and get 25% Skull Damage Reduction, this stacks with any existing skull damage reduction on the troop or your hero. It is not additive however. So if a troop already has 25%, it won’t have 50%. Instead, the incoming skull damage is reduced twice. Here’s a table showing the amount of damage blocked at various skull damage reduction levels based on 100 incoming damage:

Base Skull Damage Reduction Incoming Damage Potion of Armor Reduction Total Skull Damage Reduction Flat % Increase
0% 100 75 25% 25%
20% 80 60 40% 20%
25% 75 56.25 44% 19%
33% 67 50.25 50% 17%
40% 60 45 55% 15%
50% 50 37.5 63% 13%
65% 35 26.25 74% 9%
80% 20 15 85% 5%

Potion of Armor is clearly most effective for troops/heroes that have no skull damage reduction, because it reduces the damage by 25% when it wasn’t being reduced at all. So the total reduction increases a full 25%. However, as your base skull damage reduction increases, the “effectiveness” of the 25% decreases.

For instance, Stonehammer has 80% skull damage reduction. So the amount of damage that gets reduced from Potion of Armor is already really low. That’s easy to see: if you get attacked for 100 and it’s reduced by 80%, you have 20 incoming damage. If it gets reduced another 25%, it only gets reduced by 5, down to 15. But if your original skull damage reduction is only 40% (Holy Armor), then your damage taken is 60, and 25% reduction on that is 15, so you only take 45.

This means for instance that if 50% skull damage reduction normally is good enough, then you could get by with a troop that has only 33%, because with the 25% Potion, that’s a total of 50% damage reduction.

Of course, at higher delve levels, you’ll want all the damage reduction you can get…

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Do you know for a fact that it’s happening as you describe?
Because if the troop does have 25% skull reduction. And you stack on potion of armor. Then it’s supposed be 37.5% reduction not 50%.

If you follow igniteice’s post, your damage is reduced effectively by 43.75% (3rd row starting with 25% in the “100” column). Not sure how you worked out your percentage, but it should be

  • reduced by 25% from troop (75% left)
  • reduced by 25% from potion (75% left of 75% = 56.25% damage taken)

I think he said it won’t have a 50% reduction.

If the troop was armored (25%) and had the potion too, they would normally take 3/4 damage… But with the potion, they savr another 1/4 off that 3/4 or 3/16 worth for a total protection of 1/4+3/16 or 7/16 or 43.75% so taking 56.25% as mentioned above…

Unless OP edited things and I missed that… And ninja-ed.

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No I haven’t edited anything. In game works exactly as I described. It doesn’t matter the order you do the reductions in, since it’s multiplicative, but it doesn’t stack them, it instead reduces the incoming damage twice: first by one damage reduction, then by the next one. I’ll edit the column titles though to be easier to read.

Here’s courtesy of Tacet

Damage of the skull block should be 127 + 5 + 1 = 133
Reduced twice (133 x 75% x 75%) = 74.81

Let me know where I went wrong there, otherwise it seems to round down

Having tested it with Stonehammer, there must be an internal limit, because it’s not stacking with Stonehammer. See video here:

101 x 0.2 = 20.2 * .75 = 15 damage, but Stonehammer takes 20 damage. Maybe there’s an upper limit to how much damage can be reduced?

Okay… something is bugged. I just tested it again with Stonehammer, this time it worked:

138 x 0.2 = 27.6 * .75 = 20.7, and Stonehammer takes 20 damage.

So Potion of Armor didn’t work in the first room of the delve, but worked in subsequent rooms. Hi devs? Bugged much?