Future Guild Patch Preparation?

So, I think @Sirrian or one of the devs have mentioned that after the incoming Hero Patch, the development team will be focusing on putting some love into the Guild Interface.

Can we at least get some headsup on what resources to begin stockpiling in preparation?

Will we need more Gold for the new guild features? Or Souls? Gems? etc?
Thanx much!

I envisage a revamp of the quests and quest system, the activity viewing and ranking system, the advertising spots and inviting player systems, the chat system, etc …

I don’t think it will entail much change that relates to resources, etc …

If you were really keen, keep a stockpile of 100k gold to dump into the new quests to check them out :stuck_out_tongue:


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If we could get a larger chat/announcement character limit to work with, I’ll be happy with whatever other changes they decide to implement. :grin:

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Steps to survive an update.
Step 1)Gather gold by the millions
Step 2) Collect souls by the billions
Step 3) Stock pile glory by the trillions
Step 4) Grab gems by the hundreds because seriously you can get those through the shops already.
If you follow these steps then you are guaranteed to survive the update. Enjoy! You have 6 months to prepare.

It’s a little early to discuss some of the ideas floating around here.

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you know just some early preparations to have in place that we did not have in place when 108 came out.

To be fair, they gave us ample warnings about storing up Keys before the 1.0.8 patch.

If i payed super close attention to the forums then yes because we were given give or take 3 months prep time because they showed 108 to the masses during a convention and then we had a week long awsome announcment thing before it went live.

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Pre 1.08 opening keys was mayor PITA so I guess anyone having mass of them was sitting on the stock just to avoid the pain.

For the ascension idea and avoid disenchanting there was a warning close to 1.07 release.

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Any chance that one of those ideas would be increasing the roster size?
Assuming, of course, I’m not the only one who feels like 30 is too small…


Agree with you good Sir.

I think 30 is plenty big. If any guild gets too large then individual contributions become meaningless, camaraderie declines as things become less intimate, and there’s less competition among guilds as a couple consolidate all the top players. I think this latter point would be especially true in Gems where there are probably a probably a few hundred really active, late-stage players.


I see your point, but I wasn’t suggesting we need massive 100+ Guilds.
Frankly, I would be happy if they just raised the maximum by 10.

You’re not.

But I have to admit that might be related to running guilds that would have no trouble filling spots. I’d probably settle for something like a +10-20 shadow roster we could use as a waiting list or good players who want to take an extended break from the game.

I hate having to kick long term awesome guildmates who disappear, or having people feel pressured to play if they’re burned out.

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Our guild is rank 28 and we had probs recruiting people. Eventually we settled for people in the 60s. I’m pretty sure only the top 10 or so guilds have no problems filling up. Most of the guild scene is a wasteland of half-filled and spotty activity.

Of course part of this is that it’s hard to find a good guild using search, so I could be wrong, but I suspect we’d see the top few consolidate their lead even more. Even +10 slots means 1 in 4 of the Top 50 guilds would likely fold. That’s a decent chunk in a relatively small community.

It would just further increase differences between top and lower tier guilds. Btw you shouldn’t be having problems filling your guild at that position, since our guild went top 500 we never had 1 empty spot for more then 3 days. And we are now 214.

Oh sorry we are 210., that was yesterday ranking.

Maybe your problem is attitude related. Turning your nose up at newer players and reluctantly allowing them in when you can’t find someone “better” isn’t going to leave them feeling welcome. Consider them an investment.

New players face a relatively easy but intimidating early-game meta and can crank out trophies, and an established guild’s mastery bonuses will prove an enormous benefit. Even a moderately active guild will output keys that will grow a low level player’s collection and gems that will buy them those tantalizing armors, whereas a high level player is just farming duplicates for the ascension grind with keys and gems.

Before you know it, that level 60 recruit is a level 200 sentinel grinding out 200 trophies a week and donating 100k, and the best part? He’s loyal to the people who helped him get to where he is, and he’s happy to bring up the next lowbie looking for a home.

tl;dr: Most of my best guild members were low level recruits.

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Exactly what @Tard_Carnival said. A level 1 player can farm more trophies then a level 1000 player. Trophies are not level dependent, but activity depended. And if you are worried about them not donating, well as far as I noticed low level players try to donate as much as they can so they don’t look inferiour to higher level players who donate a lot.

Here is the official response, for those interested: