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Fun laid back guild - Join us

Join our guild (invite code GLITZYFAIRY83_UPCC)

:eight_pointed_black_star:️ Fun, laid back guild
:eight_pointed_black_star:️ no requirements - as long as you contribute to the seals and some gold

Message gamertag glitzyfairy83 if interested!

What is your guilds name?

I still don’t understand the whole invite code thing.

I’m level 1,114. 100% solo.
Want to join a guild

Hi nems we are called Windcity. I’m not sure if you can search for guilds or if you need the invite code. I can send you the invite code tomorrow (Saturday) if you need one xx

If you can search for my Xbox gamer tag glitzyfairy83, i can talk you through it, guild name is wind city (sorry I didn’t put space lol)

Thank you for the offer. I actually recieved an invite from Elite Dangerous guild and joined earlier.

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