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Fun and active level 15 Guild looking for 2 members

Warriors of light is looking for 2 active ps4 members to join a friendly active but not pressured guild, regs for recruits are 75t 750 seals no actual gold requirement donations appreciated, max regs when sentinel - 1500 seals and 300t, these were put in to help keep the guild active, get tasks done every week, GW bracket 2 thanks


Can you send an invite to DRACONICDRANGON_DBSD. I am an active player and will meet all req.

Hi just tried and it said unknown for some reason, is that your invite code?


Welcome to the warriors of light, enjoy :slight_smile:

We have 2 spots open again in this fun active friendly guild, gws a requirement but easy regs in place for low lvl as well as high lvl players :grinning::grinning: