Full Proof Team?

I’ve made some really good team compositions, but there is always 1 type of team that can counter them depending on which team i use. The defense team of fey that you see sometimes used to be the bane of my existence, then i made this team: gorgotha, alistair, rowanne, pride guard; and i could destroy the defense team, but now every time i run into a queen mab, just because of the mana generation of the team, i loose. If not for the infinite turns the AI take, i could easily defeat queen mab teams.

So, i am here to ask: Is there a full proof team that can beat every team comp, so long as the AI doesn’t go on a turn spree? (preferably even if they go on a turn spree though)

also, would be nice to win defense more often, so is there a defense team that will win 9/10 of the battles?


The closest thing to full proof I can think of…


the closest i got is probably:

the great maw
Infernal King
+lion banner

it can still die to mab but also you can devour her or cleanse
i prefer valkyrie instead of classic sheggra as it gives more looping and board control ability

English is not my first language… But I always thought it was fool proof, as in not even an idiot can fail xD

I could be wrong haha.


No. Everything can be countered by something else.

If you want to halt the AI going on “Extra Turn Sprees” then you could consider doing a counter to the Extra Turn mechanic which as one example, might be Freeze.

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I keep a team with Amira in the third slot in case of Mab or Korvash. She’s your best bet to take either of them out quickly.

You’re not wrong.

What Krudler said. There is no such thing as a fool proof team. There’s always a counter somewhere.

I made the most random team possible last night after posting…i decided to make a team with the no bend brothers just for the fun of it and i ended up making a neigh unstoppable team. it gets extra turns constantly and lowers the attack of the enemies, so the AI can’t magically get skulls like crazy to kill me.

Team comp is: gorgotha, nobend brothers, skeleton, and brian the lucky.

so far, i haven’t lost an attack, and when i woke up, i had 2 defense wins and 0 loses, so seems to be a good all-rounder.

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In my opinion, the closest you’ll get to a “foolproof” team is one that removes as much randomness as possible from the inherent game RNG. That means:

  1. Board control in the form of universal converters ( not creators or exploders);
  2. Giving up the turn on your terms (baiting with skulls, ideally with a mitigating or throwaway troop in the first slot);
  3. No either-or mechanics in any primary troop spell effect.

The closest I’ve seen to foolproof at endgame is Mercy / Alchemist / Hellcat / Gard’s Avatar, although I’m quite happy with my Forest Guardian team; it’s a skull-spam team that works around most of the typical “gotchas” of skull spam teams.

@KrudlerTheHorse has also published a resilient control team you might be interested in trying:

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No. Every team can be defeated by someone with the right troops. Also, because the AI is controlling your defence team, and getting the second turn, it is at a big disadvantage to a human player. A great defence team might win 4/10 or 5/10 on average.

With respect to your overall question, the most fool-proof approach is to use a total board-control approach as Lyya describes above. Personally, I find those teams kind of slow and boring to use all the time. I like to have a few different teams that can exploit the weaknesses of the teams I am facing and choose the appropriate team to get the job done. When I see a defence team that doesn’t work for my specialist teams or otherwise stumps me, that’s when I go to a looping board-control team.


The most fool proof team I have is:


Make sure you don’t leave any match 4s for AI and try to cast Gard when there is a skull match on the board to anticipate/control AI turns completely, as @Lyya mentioned above.

Other than that is my Mech-a-death

Mechanist*** (Anu’s Sceptre)/Bombot/Bombot/Flame Cannon

The only trick here is to make sure that you are facing a team that has fewer eHP (Armor+Life) than the dmg dealt by both Bombots, and that they are not a team that can Heal, regain armor, or reincarnate. As long as that is done, match your browns Explode and win. Simple. :wink: