Full mana on battle beginning

Why do some troops in challenges have full mana as soon as the battle starts? Seems highly unfair to the player and makes no sense to have the enemy have an advantage such as that. This is on normal difficulty.

Empowered trait

Yep. Full list of troops that may be empowered:


And in table form:


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Just seems odd for ‘normal’. Surely it should be more likely on higher difficulties?

The recent update made challenges more challenging…disregard this post

Fast (start battle with 50% Mana) and Empowered (start battle with 100% Mana) always work, regardless of difficulty.

And best of all you can trait your troops to have the same abilities too.

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I know but that takes ages, whereas it’s automatic for AI.

It’s only automatic if your level is high and you started traiting more of your troops. It’s the same reason the opponents in story mode get tougher as you level up. It’s designed to make it more of a challenge.

I don’t have many troops traited and I’m level 197.

That’s not a low level though. But even so the player should be able to beat the computer even if they are full traited as long as you have a developed team.